Kelly Clarkson's New Single Sounds Like a Hit

Out of the way, peasants! The original American Idol is comin' through. On Monday, Kelly Clarkson premiered her new single, "Heartbeat Song," and it sounds like a smash hit. I have to admit, when Clarkson shared a teaser of the track on Friday last week, I wasn't exactly sure what to make of it. But now that I've heard "Heartbeat Song" in full, I can confidently say that it's one of the 32-year-old artist's strongest lead singles to date. (In my opinion, it's tied for second place with "Breakaway." "My Life Would Suck Without You" is still number-one, of course.)

Singing about the rush of realizing that she's finally found the love of her life (her husband, Brandon Blackstock), Clarkson's excitement and joy on the peppy synth-pop track are absolutely infectious. And, as always, you better believe that she's serving vocals! Kelly Clarkson: Effortlessly making your fave singers sound like gasping, tone-deaf billy goats by comparison since at least 2002 (but probably before that, as well).

Now, I love a good pop chorus more than most things in this world, but oddly enough, the verses and pre-chorus sections of "Heartbeat Song" are my favorite parts. They're just full of so much energy and life! While the half-time refrain is super duper catchy (and it'll definitely make you want to wave your iPhone/lighter in the air), it's a touch Kidz Bop-y for me. Just a touch. However, after a few listens, I learned to embrace it, and am now completely (and madly) in love with the track.

If I know Clarkson (and I'd like to think that I do), "Heartbeat Song" is just a tease of what's to come. Historically, her second singles are better (and in a couple of cases, more commercially successful) than her lead singles... but I'm getting ahead of myself! I can't wait to watch "Heartbeat Song" tear up the charts. Kelly is back, y'all — and she sounds sooo good.

"Heartbeat Song" is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify now.