23 Reasons To Celebrate V-Day With Your Friends

Call me normal, but I’m not really all that in to Valentine’s Day. Ever since it went from something that involved stuffed animals and candy from my parents, to an adult thing where being alone was supposed to be the end of the world, I realized it wasn’t my scene. Even if I’m in a relationship, I don’t get caught up in it. I don’t need a specified day to tell my beloved that he’s the cat’s pajamas.

But, if I am in the mood to celebrate V-Day in some way, I always opt for going out with my friends instead. For starters, my friends are the greatest human beings in the world, of course, and obviously, we just get each other. There’s no room for drama or bullshit; no place for sulking on such an overrated days, because we have each other. While I like to think what I have going with my partner will last a lifetime, if it doesn’t, I know I will still have my friends. And that's worth celebrating.

If you’ve never spent a Valentine’s Day with your friends, then you’re missing out. Whether or not you’re dating someone, spending it with the ones who always have your back is the way to go. Here are 23 reasons why you should spend Valentine’s Day with your friends — the true loves of

There's No Pressure

You're funny. You're awesome. You know that, but sometimes, depending on where you are in your relationship, you feel the need to prove that. You don't have have to with your friends.

Which Means No Need For Expensive Lingerie

Especially since who really, genuinely, can take themselves seriously in a lace teddy?

Or Dropping Money on a Dress That You Can't Afford

Wasn't one of your resolutions to pay off your credit cards and not add to them?

In Fact, There's No Need To Look Nice At All

And if that means bed-head to dinner, then so be it.

You Can Get Sloppy Drunk Together

Bring on the wine!

And Declare Your Undying Love From Them Without Wondering If It's 'Too Soon'

Because it's never "too soon" with friends.

You Get to Avoid Any Awkward Discussions

Can I please just eat my gnocchi?

...Like, 'Where Is This Going?'

I don't know, but hopefully back to my place later.

...Or, 'Maybe We Should Slow This Down a Bit'

Oh, so you're a commitment-phobe? You could have warned me three months ago.

...Or, 'It's Not You, It's Me'

Damn straight it's you.

With Your Friends, There's (Likely) No Crying

If you're the type who mopes about every V-Day condemning cupid for not shooting your heart with an arrow, you have your friends to smack some sense into you.

...But If You Do Cry, They Won't Judge Your Ugly Cry Face

We all have one, and that's OK.

You Get to Skip the Stereotypical Valentine's Day Date Stuff

Standing in line at a restaurant? Screw it.

You'll Totally Save Money on Gifts and Going Out

All you and your friends need is each other, a couch, and some Netflix — or you could go out, too! But if you have a couch, really, why would you?

You Don't Have To Worry About Faking Excitment Over A Bad Gift

"Oh! Thank you so much for this plush bear holding a hear that says 'Be Mine.' Really... you shouldn't have!"

...Or Watch Someone Else Fake It Too

Because you and your friends know the ideal gift is a gift certificate to an all you can eat pizza buffet, not a plush bear.

Your Friends Won't Judge You For Eating an Entire Box of Chocolate

When I was dating, I ate differently in front of my dates than I did with my friends. I blame society, man. But with my friends, anything goes. Hell, skip the meal and go straight for the chocolate mousse.

Or For Suggesting the Same Rom-Com For the Millionth Time

Let's be honest: When Harry Met Sally never gets old. You can't watch it too many times, and your friends get that.

You Can Have a Sleepover That Doesn't Require Shaving

Waxing and shaving? I'll pass.

And Opt For Your Garfield Pajamas Instead

They look just as great on you as they did when you were 15.

If You Fart From All That Champagne, It's Totally Cool

Champagne is gassy!

Because Your Friends Love You Unconditionally

And they're probably farting from it, too.

And Really, They Are The True Loves of Your Life

It's true.

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