You Need to Hear About Kevin Smith's Next Movie

It takes a REALLY good reason to push a movie like Clerks III, and honestly: This sounds like it is. According to The A.V. Club, Kevin Smith has decided to push work on "the best movie [he'll] ever make," Clerks III, in favor of working on Tusk , a new movie about a guy that is surgically transformed into a walrus. How's that for an epic logline?

Smith explained the movie in a pretty straight-forward manner in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly :

It’s about a guy who turns another guy into a f–king human walrus. As weird as it is in my head when I talk about it, they finally sent me the costume designs by Robert Kurtzman, and I was like, "Holy sh-t, it’s a monster movie, I had no idea." I thought I was making a kind of sister thriller to Red State. As soon as I saw the designs, I go, "Of course this is a monster movie and he’s Dr. Frankenstein."

Apparently, the film is actually based off of the true story of a guy with a walrus fetish who posted an ad for a roommate on Gumtree requesting that whoever was interested could dress up as a walrus in exchange for free rent.

Somehow, this is not the weirdest roommate ad I've seen, but it's certainly up there. According to Smith himself, the idea really only appealed to him because he was high, so that's probably the only way this movie should be viewed.

Tusk will star Michael Parks as the mad scientist who forcibly turns another human being into a walrus — this literally sounds like The Human Centipede for stoners — and production will begin on Oct. 21. If there aren't tons of amazing set photos, this was all for nothing.