'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Tom Sandoval & Ariana Might Actually Last... If Kristen Stays Out Of It

Vanderpump Rules is never short of its drama when it comes couples. In the beginning of Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules , Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix were the couple set for disaster when Kristen made it her god-given duty to destroy their relationship. But Ariana and Tom were bulletproof to Kristen's ways, and didn't seem the least bit phased that she was trying to get in between their relationship. If anything, it seems that these two are — gasp — pretty confident in their relationship. That, and Ariana seems so over any BS that anyone could bring to her about Tom, and girl, I like that about you.

But are things going too smoothly for these Tom and Ariana? In the preview for Vanderpump Rules on Monday, Tom and Kristen — the exes together again — seem to have a pretty intense heart to heart where Tom cries a lot, and Kristen looks like this is everything she's ever wanted in life. Could Tom and Kristen rekindle a fading flame? No. Just no. Because Jax. And once Jax'd... there's no returning.

According to recent social media, Tom and Ariana are still going strong. So let's bask in their Vanderpump Rules glory, shall we?

Checkin' Out Some Kicks

It’s cheesy, it’s Lacoste. It’s Ariana and Tom.

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Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Halloween as Cybergoth

I don’t know who “Todd and Karen” are (names they reference in their photo), but these two have become them.

Images: Ariana Madix/Instagram

A Picture You'd Show To Grandma

Unless Grandma is into cybergoth, then this is definitely that cute photo you want grandma to see of you and your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Images: Ariana Madix/Instagram

On Vacay!

See, Kristen? Their love survives even in Australia… Miami is nothing.

Images: Ariana Madix/Instagram

Being Sporty!

And they visited St. Louis together, so their love really is all over the world.

Images: Ariana Madix/Instagram

They've Hung Out With the Family

At a wedding nonetheless, and that’s never fun, unless you enjoy fielding “So when will I be at your wedding?” all night.

Images: Ariana Madix/Instagram

Couples Night

It’s not a couples night unless Tom is wearing a plaid jacket.

Images: Tom Sandoval/Instagram

Selfie Time

The couple that selfies together…

Images: Tom Sandoval/Instagram

The Plaid Fakeout

Tom captioned this: “My real date to the pre-Grammy party #pumprules.” After posting an old photo of Kristen with a joke caption. OUCH to Kristen. P.S. Date night Take 2: In which Tom wears another plaid jacket.

Images: Tom Sandoval/Instagram