Everyone On Aziz Ansari's Shit List

On Parks and Recreation, the illustrious Tom Haverford takes names and keeps receipts of those who do wrong by him, on a roster he likes to call his "Dunzo List." Offenses include not making it to his business meetings and not knowing who Ginuwine is (both valid). But IRL, Aziz Ansari has his own form of dunzo-ing people, and his willingness to hilariously call people out, often for serious issues, is what makes him such a great comedian. His most recent target is Rupert Murdoch, who Ansari tore apart on Twitter for his racist and Islamophobic comments about the Charlie Hebdo attack. Ansari asked Murdoch, "Rups can we get a step by step guide? How can my 60 year old parents in NC help destroy terrorist groups? Plz advise," in response to Murdoch's tweet: "Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible."

Ansari went on to expose Murdoch's hypocrisy, asking why he didn't take responsibility for all evil actions committed by Christians, and started the hashtag #RupertsFault (in the vein of #ThanksObama), which spread like wildfire. People began tweeting absurd injustices attributed to the "vaguely evil media conglomerate guy," including the popularity of The Big Bang Theory, the Westboro Baptist Church, and Uber surge pricing.

It's not the first time that Ansari has gone HAM on a fool. Besides his amazing character Tom Haverford and his longform style of comedy that's surprisingly touching at times and absurdly hilarious at others, Ansari also does not hesitate to call people out on their crap and embarrass them. Here are some people who are on Aziz's "Dunzo List."

Rupert Murdoch

Perhaps his best and most important slam to date, Ansari just got completely fed up with the ridiculous blame Murdoch was putting on every Muslim in the world for the actions of the attackers on Charlie Hebdo. Every tweet was a highlight and a masterpiece in 140 characters or less. DUNZO.

Racists in General

Aziz has no qualms talking about how much he hates racism and is generally bored of old racists. He told Conan how he can't wait for all the old racists to just up and die already. Dun-zo.

The Press

At the peak of Slumdog Millionaire's success, Ansari was asked time and again in interviews if he was excited about the film. Because he is Indian and therefore heavily invested, of course. Dunzo!

Blake Lively

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We all send texts to people we think are jazzed to respond, but often we're let down. Apparently even Aziz Ansari could not merit a text back from her highness Blake Lively, and, on Howard Stern, he read some of the string of texts he had sent the former Gossip Girl that were only met with silence: "Hey, it's Aziz. The Animal dinners are over now unfortunately, but I will show you photos from when I went. It was very tasty. Are you going to the Met Ball?" Why WOULDN'T Lively wanna hang out with Aziz at the Met Ball? Dunzo.

All the Comedians at the James Franco Roast

The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco was just about as weird as ... James Franco. Ansari was among the comedians asked to goof on the actor/director/artist/etcetera, and, before the comedian went up on stage, he was the butt of several tired and hacky Indian jokes. He didn't let 'em slide, though, and, when he finally got on stage, he said: "I think it’s so cool that some of you guys were able to travel back to 1995 for those Indian jokes you did. Those stereotypes are so tired! There are more Indians with sitcoms now than 7-11’s. My last three roles were Randy, Chet and Tom." Slam dunk. Annnnd dunzo.

Image: Getty Images