It's Like Birchbox... But For Weed

Welcome to the future, where George Clooney is just a trophy husband, temperatures on earth are lower than temperatures on Mars, and a service called Marvina delivers marijuana to your door every month. That's right, weed-lovers, if you're based in the San Francisco area and can't get enough of the delicious green, the startup Marvina will deliver a box of marijuana every month to anyone with a medical marijuana card and between 95 and 325 dollars of disposable monthly income. The most basic boxes include seven grams of either indica-heavy (the strain of marijuana that will give you a pain-relieving full body high and induce "couch-lock") or sativa-heavy (the strain of marijuana that will give you more of an energetic, cerebral high) weed with fun, creative names like "Blue Dream" and "Cherry Pie." For 80 more dollars, Marvina doubles the amount you get and for 230 you can get a whopping 28 grams.

One major difference between Marvina and other monthly subscription services (like Birchbox or MistoBox) is that you don't have to wait for the month to be up to receive a delivery. While you can set it up so you get it once on a certain day every month, if go through weed like the characters on That 70's Show, you can set up deliveries any time, any day.