Jimmy Kimmel's Taking Over For Chris Soules

If you were watching The Bachelor Monday night — and don't pretend you weren't — you may have caught something a little unexpected during the preview for next week's episode. Cut to Chris Soules asleep in the dark, being gently woken up by Jimmy Kimmel, offering to help him. Um, what? Not that I'm complaining about Kimmel being on The Bachelor, but I really would like to know what's going on here. Fortunately, the answer was pretty easy to find: Kimmel's helping Chris plan some of his dates next week.

When Chris stopped by Kimmel's show last week, Kimmel revealed some of the details behind his appearance, although he didn't give nearly enough away. Apparently, he produced the episode and helped Chris Harrison host — and "some terrible things happened" — so that's obviously going to be super entertaining. At a different appearance, Chris mentioned that Kimmel will be helping to plan some of the dates, saying that "the shenanigans that Jimmy pulled on us I think everyone will enjoy watching, including myself.” Wait, this is obviously going to be amazing.

Now that we know Kimmel's doing the planning, we can definitely expect something way better than bikini tractor races, which I personally thought was kind of tacky. I have a feeling he will cook up something that will either make Chris feel really awkward or make everyone at home feel really awkward, especially since Kimmel is a Bachelor fan himself. I'm hoping he's on hand for the rose ceremony at the end of the night, cracking jokes and doing commentary the way I wish I could. Fingers crossed that he has Chris pretend he ate all of their Halloween candy! Or maybe that only works with kids.

And please, please, please let Kimmel interact with Ashley S. I feel like he could understand her in a way that the rest of us obviously cannot.

Image: Randy Holmes/ABC