Stassi Shares Her SUR Secrets on 'Vanderpump'

A wave of Pinot Grigio-scented relief washed over me when Kristina went to Stassi’s temporarily non-air conditioned apartment during Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. STASSI'S BAAAAAACK!!! Last week’s ep was awesome and I loved every last second of it…but I missed Stassi so much. When Stassi made a quick phone call to let the maintenance guy know that it’s so hot in her apartment that her makeup is melting and her boobs are sweating, everything felt right again. But that was just the beginning; knowing that the SURvers she doesn't much care for were in Miami for the weekend, Stassi paid SUR a visit. It was time for another Lisa Vanderpump heart-to-heart. (Spoiler alert: Katie's heart-to-heart with Lisa ended on a better note.)

However, before Stassi and Lisa sat down for their serious conversation about friendship, loyalty, and answering phone calls, there was a nice scene. It was a scene that was the equivalent of someone returning to his/her high school a decade later, wandering into to the gymnasium, and admiring the State Championship banners he/she was a part of.

During her visit to SUR, Stassi shared all of her drink-on-the-job secrets with her former employer. Most of the secrets involved putting alcohol in cups and pretending it wasn't alcohol. Lisa sighed and smiled and rolled her eyes at all of it. And then, Stassi brought up her mini wine bottle hiding spot. She asked Lisa if Lisa wanted to see the mini wine bottle hiding spot. Lisa said yes. Stassi led Lisa into one of the SUR restrooms and reached behind a fancy metal box. After rooting around for few seconds, she removed a small wine bottle. Her eyes lit up. She was so honored someone else carried on her tradition. Her State Championship banner.

“This is my legacy,” Stassi said. She meant it. Oh, what a beautiful legacy, indeed.

OK. Next time I’m at SUR, I’m checking the bathrooms for mini wine bottles. I’m on Stassi Legacy Patrol. And I better find something.

Obviously, the hiding spot Stassi shared with the Bravo cameras and Lisa is toast. Mark my words, I'll be checking every other potential hiding spot in those bathrooms. And I better find something.

Don't let Stass down, SURvers. She's too great a living legend to disappoint.

Image: bricesander/tumblr