15 Times Female Celebrities Confessed Their Body Image Insecurities — Because No One is Immune

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Yeah, I know. Listening to stunning women talk about their perceived flaws can be exasperating at best, infuriating at worst. Admittedly, it does not bring out my favorite part of myself. You think your legs are bowed, Kate Moss? Poor baby. Your boobs are too big, Kate Upton? It’s a wonder you survive. I find myself wishing they’d all go take comfort in their respective magazine covers already, and leave the rest of us to wallow in our own stretch-mark-and-rogue-chin-hair-induced hells already. But when I stop rolling my eyes long enough to remember that beauty is subjective — no matter what the beauty industry would have us believe — and that we’re all in this journey toward body acceptance together, I get over myself. In fact, there’s some measure of comfort in knowing that even humans who embody society’s idealized version of pretty struggle with their silhouettes.

To that end, here are 15 gals who continually rank as “10s” on the frat boy scale. (Don’t you just love the frat boy scale?) While these starlets may look like they’ve got it all — money, beauty, money to get more beautiful — they’re actually as haunted by zits and wobbles as the rest of us. Click through, and then let's all agree to just accept it, shall we? We're all far more beautiful than we're willing to admit.

Image: Beyonce/Instagram

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