Kanye Goes Absolutely Nuts on Twitter

There I was, minding my Twitter feed in a lovely little French eatery known as Pret a Manger, when whoa. I was accosted. Suddenly, the words on the page started yelling at me. YELLING AT ME LOUDLY. The tweets were coming fast and furious, and they were from Kanye West to Jimmy Kimmel. Apparently, Kanye is VERY VERY ANGRY at Kimmel because, well, Kanye doesn't like to be made fun of. IT'S NOT FUNNY, YOU GUYS. STOP LAUGHING.

It all started after Kimmel aired a spoof of the amazing interview Kanye gave BBC Radio 1. We've already talked about how unbelievable that whole conversation was (but really, at this point, what Kanye konvo isn't fascinating?) but Mr. West, of course, did not find anything humorous about his hubris.


Naturally, Kimmel wouldn't let Kanye get away with such nonsense, so he made a video in which he gave children the transcript of the interview, and they reenacted the conversation. Kimmel calls it a modern day school play, we call it unparalleled genius.

Kanye calls it bullshit.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rant. It's just as unaware as anything Kanye's done, but it's amplified, because IT'S IN ALL CAPS. AHHHH!

It all started with this video:

And then the Kanye volcano erupted:

But. We all know Jimmy. He's the one who duped us with that fake twerking video, in which the girl sets herself on fire. However, Kimmel insists this isn't a prank... one that he knows about, anyway.

I don't know what to believe about this Kanye West/Jimmy Kimmel fight, guys, but I do know THAT I FEEL LIKE YELLING AND WATCHING AND SPONGEBOB MARATHON. SO THERE'S THAT.