35 Celebrities Who Have A Lot Of Children, From Four To Makeshift Soccer Team

NARITA, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 27: (FILE PHOTO) Actor Brad Pitt holds Zahara Marley Jolie, the daughter of girlfriend actress Angelina Jolie, as they arrive at the new Tokyo International Airport November 27, 2005 in Narita, Japan. Pitt is seeking to adopt Jolie's children Zahara and Maddox, according to Pitt's publicist. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)
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With the busy schedules celebrities have, it's sort of amazing that they find the time to procreate at all, let alone raise a family. Of course, when it comes to their family life, certain stars have a bigger task to tackle than others. While many celebrities make the news when they have their first (or even second) child, some stars have four, five, or even six or more kids that call them Mom or Dad. So which stars have huge families? Click through to find out!

Bruce Willis

The Die Hard actor (pictured here with daughter Rumer Willis) has three children with his ex-wife Demi Moore and two with his current wife, Emma Heming. 

Taylor Hanson

The former Hanson member is one of seven, and currently has five children of his own. 

Mitt Romney

The former Presidential candidate has five children — and they’re all sons!

Sarah Palin

Like Romney, this politician also has five kids, and is a grandmother to her daughter Bristol Palin’s son. 

Mark Wahlberg

The Gambler actor has four children with his wife, Rhea. 

Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones frontman has seven kids total from his relationships with Marsha Hunt, Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, and Luciana Gimenez. 

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

The newly-married A-Listers have six children. They have three adopted children and three biological kids.

Steven Spielberg

The director has seven children from his two marriages, and has adopted and biological children. 

Kris Jenner

The reality star has six kids (maybe you’ve heard of them?) from her marriages to Rob Kardashian and Bruce Jenner. 

Bruce Jenner

Jenner beats out his ex-wife Kris by one biological child — in addition to Kendall and Kylie, he’s also the father to sons Brandon, Brody, and Burt, as well as daughter Casey. Unlike Brody and Brandon, the latter two are rarely featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 

Robert DeNiro

The Raging Bull actor has more than enough kids to carry on his legacy — he has a total of six kids from three separate relationships. 

Kevin Costner

The Dances With Wolves actor is the proud father of seven children. 

Heidi Klum & Seal

The recently divorced couple shares four children together — Seal adopted Klum’s daughter Leni and fathered her three other children. 

Charlie Sheen

He may be “winning” to the world, but this Anger Management star is known simply as dad to his five kids. 

Ewan McGregor

The Moulin Rouge actor has a house full of girls — he has four daughters with his wife Eve. 

Mel Gibson

The Braveheart actor has eight children — seven with his first wife, Robyn Moore Gibson, and one with his former partner Oksana Grigorieva.

Marie Osmond

She has eight siblings herself, so it’s no surprise that the star has eight kids of her own — she has three kids from two former marriages and adopted five kids. 

Lauryn Hill

The “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” singer probably struggled to keep her eyes on all of her children — after all, she does have six kids to care for!

Eddie Murphy

It’s hard to keep the amount of kids that the Nutty Professor actor has straight. He has five kids with his ex-wife, two with two different mistresses, and one with his ex-girlfriend, former Spice Girl Mel B. The total? Eight children! 

Kirk Cameron

The former Growing Pains star has six kids with his wife Chelsea Noble. 


The former Police frontman has six kids, two with his first wife Frances Tomelty, and four with his current wife Trudie Styler. 

Flavor Flav

He looked for love on a reality show, but he didn’t need to look for a woman to have his kids — he currently has seven from previous relationships. 

P. Diddy

The mogul may have gone by a ton of different names over the years, but his six kids from three previous relationships probably just call him “dad.” 

Lil Wayne

Yep, Lil Wayne’s a dad! He has four kids with four different women — think he lets any of them listen to his own raps?

Kevin Federline

Britney Spears’ ex, who has two kids with the pop star, also has two kids with his former fiancée Shar Jackson and two more with his current wife, volleyball player Victoria Prince. 

Mike Tyson

The former boxer has eight children with seven different women. 

Justin Chambers

The Grey’s Anatomy star has five kids with his wife Keisha. 

Chris O'Donnell

Chambers isn’t the only Grey’s Anatomy alum to have plenty of kids. The current NCIS: Los Angeles star has five kids as well. 

Brooke Burke

The Dancing With the Stars host has four kids — three daughters and one son. 

Gordon Ramsay

Let’s hope Ramsay makes his kids a lot happier than he does the Hell’s Kitchen contestants — he has four kids with his wife Tana. 

Matt Damon

The Bourne Identity actor has four kids with his wife, Luciana — three that they share and one Damon adopted from Luciana’s previous relationship. 

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott

The reality stars have a rocky marriage, but they’ll forever be tied to each other in some way considering that they share four children. 

Jamie Oliver

The healthy chef has four kids with his wife Juliette Norton. They have probably never tasted a Happy Meal. 

Rod Stewart

The “Maggie Mae” singer is a proud father to eight children, and welcomed his first grandchild when his daughter Kimberly Stewart gave birth. 

Jon & Kate Gosselin

Okay, okay, so this one’s obvious — but since they have SO many kids, they, too, deserve a spot on this list. The former stars of TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus Eight have —you guessed it! — eight kids. (And yet the Duggers still have them beat by almost 11 extra kiddos!)