Vanessa Carlton Welcomes Baby Girl & Her Announcement is Utterly Adorable — PHOTO

This will hit you right in the nostalgia feels. Everyone remembers when Vanessa Carlton burst onto the music scene with her 2001 hit song "A Thousand Miles," especially after her distinctive music video featured her playing a moving piano as she traveled through a city. The singer announced that she was pregnant back in June 2014 via social media and it is again via social media that she and her husband, John McCauley, announced this amazing news. Carlton welcomed a baby girl into the world on Tuesday and, let's be real, she was probably born with a mini-piano in her mouth. Although, I suppose if she had been, then Carlton might have mentioned that in her message.

Both Carlton and McCauley shared the news, the former via her Twitter and the latter via a photo on Instagram. Although we have no idea what the baby's name is just yet — unless Sid the Kid counts as a name — this is still a heartwarming moment to share with the happy couple. After all, Carlton has been very vocal about how excited she is to be a mom and how excited she is to be bringing new life into the world. (And how excited she is that being pregnant means people will give up a cab for her, but who wouldn't be excited about that?)

Check out the couple's happy messages below and be thrilled for one thing, if nothing else. The birth of her daughter means that we might be getting more new music out of Carlton at some point — because what could be a better muse than becoming a mother for the first time?