Chrissy Teigen on 'The Mindy Project' Was Short Lived, But She Stole the "San Francisco Bae" Episode

Every since my favorite person in the world, fictional Mindy Lahiri, moved to Stanford to take part in an awesome fellowship — that the show is barely mentioning... — I worried about where Season 3 of The Mindy Project was heading. So when Tuesday's "San Francisco Bae" episode was heading in the same direction that most episodes do — Mindy get's in a ridiculous predicament, almost sacrifices her relationship or career, ends on a high note with a cute moment with her boyfriend — I was concerned. But then, out of nowhere, Chrissy Teigen enters The Mindy Project picture, and everything felt right in the world.

A quick TL:DR version of the episode: Mindy runs into her "first time" Alex, played by Lee Pace, at a bar, where she learns he is a crazy rich and successful computer guy. We learn Mindy missed her final chance with Alex's crazy rich self when she receive an email from him asking her to join him at a fancy party — something she would have been great at, she says. He kisses Mindy, she says she has a boyfriend. Alex's girlfriend, Grace, shows up and yells at Mindy for putting the moves on her boyfriend. This might be an appropriate time to include this: When you see your boyfriend kissing someone else.

Grace asks if he is steppin' out on her because she fell asleep during his TED talk, which should give you an idea of the successful portion of the "crazy rich and successful computer guy" title I gave Alex earlier. Grace gets a handful of Mindy's chest, to which Mindy screams, "Pick on boobs your own size," which is a great line. And we learn that Grace is capable of inflicting major pain, since she won the the Hunger Games that rich people play in secret.

And while I know that Grace won't ever be back on the show, I'd like to say we had a good run Chrissy Teigen. It was over as quickly as it started, but your cameo is officially added to the Mindy Project Cameo Royalty that I keep in my mind (other occupants: James Franco, Seth Rogen, Josh Meyers, and Shonda Rhimes). The Mindy Project has always done so well with guest stars and cameos, and Chrissy Teigen was the perfect cameo to save this Mindy Project episode.

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