What Is Howard Stark Hiding On 'Agent Carter'?

Look, I love Dominic Cooper. He's charming as they come and I'm happy to see him on my television screen. Still, I'm worried that his character Howard Stark on Agent Carter is up to no good. Peggy's coworker was shot just as he was about to figure out Peggy was working for Stark. I have a hunch that Stark might be involved in more nefarious behavior than he's letting on. Sure, I believe that he has Agent Carter's best interests in mind. Sure, I wonder if his hands are being tied by evil Leviathan baddies. That still doesn't explain the lies and the shadiness. Maybe that hitman didn't belong to the green suit at all. Maybe Howard has some trained assassins of his own. Maybe it was Jarvis! Maybe Chief Dooley was right to blame his colleague's death on Stark in an attempt to rally the troops in their investigation.

While interrogating Edwin Jarvis, Chad Michael Murray (it's going to be a few episodes before I start referring to him by his character's name, Agent Jack Thompson) revealed that the butler was once charged with treason. Peggy faked a blunder and got him released, but she wasn't done with the jolly old Englishman. Turns out, he committed treason to save his wife and my heart grew 10 sizes. Still, a lie is a lie. What else are these two friends hiding from our heroine?

The promo for the next episode "The Blitzkrieg Button" invokes the name of Captain America yet again, and shows Peggy casually handling a bomb and threatening Howard Stark. You know, like you do. She reminds him that Steve Rogers was loyal to the American people, not one genius' wallet. How much do you wanna bet Howard is about to pull a Regina George and say, "I like invented Captain America, you know what I mean?" Things certainly aren't going well between the old friends. What "devastating experiment" could Peggy have her hands on now?

I guess we know Howard Stark isn't the best guy, or Tony Stark would have named his computer helper "H.O.W.A.R.D." or "D.A.D.D.Y." instead of "J.A.R.V.I.S." — I just don't want Peggy to suffer because of his wrongdoing.

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC