22 Funny Valentine's Day Gifts to Get Your Significant Other, Because A Couple That Laughs Together Stays Together

Contrary to popular belief, celebrating Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a schmaltzy cheese-fest filled with sugary confections and sentimentality — it can be, but it doesn't have to be. Maybe you and your significant other share a wicked sense of humor and a trove of inside jokes, in which case you should definitely forgo the traditional boxes of chocolate and find funny Valentine’s Day gifts that will evoke more LOLZ than awwws this V-Day.

Finding the perfect balance of thoughtful and funny doesn't have to be hard. I've already combed the Internet on your behalf to find the most hilarious gift options for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/side piece on this holiday of love (and laughs).

Now go get 'em, tiger... err, silly goose!

Image: AvonnieStudio/Etsy

Spoon Me, Fork Me Silverware Set

Fork and Spoon Pair, $25, E tsy

Feed your lover a side of innuendo.

Olive You So Much It Hurts Wall Art

Olive You So Much It Hurts Wall Art, $16, E tsy

Orange you going to say you love me, too?

Whatever, I'm Late Anyway Wrist Watch

Whatever, I’m Late Anyway™ Wrist Watch, $49, E tsy

FACT: At least one half of every good couple has time management issues.

I Love You Because You Hate the Same Things I Hate T-Shirt

Valentine’s Day T Shirt, $25, Z azzle

C’mon, admit it, it’s true.

You're So Lucky To Have Me Mug

You’re So Lucky To Have Me Mug, $22, E tsy

#Truth (Plus, free gift wrapping!)

Bag of Cats

Spitfire Girl Bag O’Cats, $10, U rban Outfitters

It’s like a bag of cat-shaped worry stones! A quirky, fun gift for your Valentine’s desk at work. Plus, it also comes in puppies!!

Whoopie Cushion

Whoopie Cushion, $5, Amazon

If you and your boo love fart humor (and seriously, who doesn’t), this gift is a thrifty blast from the past that will have you both laughing like hyenas. Prank war officially ON.

Smitten Kitten Mug with Whiskers (!!!)

Smitten Kitten Mug, $14, E tsy

Awww, is the whittle bitty kitty in love?

Smart. Strong. Sensual. T-Shirt

Smart. Strong. Sensual. T-Shirt, $20, N eato Shop

Smart. Strong. Sensual. That pretty much sums up your significant other, right? Oh yeah… and Silly.

I Love the Shit Out of You Candy Box

I Love You Heart Candy Box, $10, U rban Outfitters

Express how you truly feel with this kitschy box of candy.

"Emergency" Clown Nose

Emergency Clown Nose, $6, B lue Ribbon General Store

Let’s face it: Every relationship has its contentious moments. Which is exactly why you need this clown nose a.k.a. emergency tension diffuser — it’s the ultimate fight-ender!

We Go Together Like Kanye & Kanye Card

Funny Kanye Card, $8, E tsy

Who loves Kanye more than Kanye? Exactly.

Magic Emotiball

Magic Emotiball, $16, U rban Outfitters

When it comes to the really important things (LIKE PICKING A FREAKING RESTAURANT), every couple could use the jovial intervention of a Magic 8 Ball.

Emily Dickinson Poster

Funny Poet Emily Dickinson Valentine’s Day Poster, $11, Z azzle

“Almost leaving your house for someone is the ultimate declaration of love.” — hermits

Olive Ewe Mug

Olive Ewe Mug, $13, Etsy

For your punny Valentine.

Pizza My Heart T-Shirt

Pizza My Heart T-Shirt, $22, E tsy

Cuz she fills your heart just like pizza fills your belly.

A Day Without Your Love Print

A Day Without Your Love Print, $12, Etsy

Love > Internet

Couch Potato Socks

Couch Potato Socks, $12, B lue Ribbon General Store

You gotta call ‘em like ya see ‘em.

World's Okayest Boyfriend T-Shirt

World’s Okayest Boyfriend T-Shirt, $23, Etsy

Give your BF this shirt as a token of his mediocrity! Hehehe.

My Love Language Is Chocolate Necklace

Chocolate Love Language Quote Necklace, $14, E tsy

The sixth love language is obvi the most delicious.

People Are the Worst* Card

People Are the Worst* Card, $5, Etsy

Misanthropes need love, too.

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie Art Print

I Like Big Books Art Print, $9, Etsy

For your brainy boo.