14 Valentine's Day Dates for Couples Who Have Already Done Everything (and Are So Over Dinner and a Movie)

My boyfriend and I have been together for more than four years, so needless to say, we've been on a few Valentine's Day dates. Over the years, we've done a lot of dinners at local restaurants and have watched a lot of date movies. But Valentine's Day is supposed to be special, right? So how do you make it special when you've pretty much exhausted your go-to date ideas?

With a little openness and an adventurer's spirit, you can make this Valentine's Day your most memorable yet with any of these out-of-the-box date ideas — perfect for couples who are looking to avoid another dinner and a movie come Feb. 14.

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by Emily Kelley

Watch Funny YouTube Videos

You probably watch funny YouTube videos all the time, but make a night out of it. You should each spend some time creating a playlist of your favorite videos, and then share the videos with each other. Movie night just got a whole lot more fun.

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Look for Thrift Store Treasure

Thrift shopping is always fun — you never know what you’ll find. You can peruse one store or several, set a budget for you and your partner ($20 should do it), and set off to find something special for each other. Whether it’s antique jewelry or a nostalgic action figure, you’ll find something much more meaningful and lasting than chocolates and flowers.

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So much about Valentine’s Day is selfish and materialistic, so why not spend this one giving back? Giving back is psychologically good for you, and will be a good bonding experience for you and your partner. Research local organizations that need your help around V-Day.

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Take a Class Together

After a while together, the same ol’, same ol’ can get boring. Take a class to learn a new skill neither of you have tried before. Could you have ever guessed that your honey was an excellent dancer? Or that you would be a natural golfer? Now you do, and you may have found many more dates to try in your future.

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Explore a Haunted Site

This date is not for the faint of heart. Sign up for a tour (like any of these) of a supposedly haunted house, hotel, or graveyard. And if you can’t find a tour in your area, you can always do a virtual haunted house tour.

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If you’re a city-dweller like me, you’ll probably have to drive outside of your metro area to see the stars, but it’ll be worth it. Bring a blanket, a constellation book, and some wine, and just enjoy the night sky for a while.

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Go on a Dinner Cruise

You might not want to go to the same restaurant you usually do, but you still have to eat, right? If you live near a body of water, see if there’s a dinner cruise this time of year.

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Have an Indoor Picnic

Most of us are in the dead of winter during Valentine’s Day, and the very thought of leaving your house might give you anxiety. So have a romantic living room picnic beside the fire, and avoid having to put on snow clothes.

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Be Tourists

Maybe you’ve seen all that your hometown has to offer, but maybe you haven’t seen it with your SO by your side. Take a trip to your town’s more touristy spots, and act a tourist for the day — take selfies, buy souvenirs, the whole shebang.

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Watch a Sporting Event

Sports fan or nah, actually going to a sporting event is a lot more fun than watching it on TV. Grab some beers and snacks, and pick sides if you don’t already have a team.

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Take a Brewery/Winery Tour

Depending on your taste in booze, take a tour of a local brewery or winery this Valentine’s Day. Not only will you learn a lot about how your favorite draft or vintage is made, but you usually get a lot of free samples.

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Make a Blanket Fort and Play Board Games

Being an adult is fun and all, but being a kid was way, way better, right? Take a trip down memory lane by building a blanket fort in your living room, and then spend the night playing a bunch of board games. You could always raise the stakes a little to keep your adult cred.

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Read Each Other's Tarot Cards

OK, so this is definitely an unconventional date, but it could be fun! You can buy tarot cards online and in bookstores on occasion, and they usually come with instructions — but warning! This can get a bit intense if you’re a true believer.

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Do Something Athletic

Take a hike, ride bikes, go kayaking — do something that gets you out into fresh air and gets your blood pumping for a while.

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