Britt Lower Plays Liz on 'Man Seeking Woman' But She's Got So Much More Going On Off-Screen

Have you heard of Man Seeking Woman? It's a new comedy for FXX, helmed by showrunner Simon Rich (formerly of Saturday Night Live), and it stars Jay Baruchel as the titular woman-seeking man. At a glance, it might sound like a bland sitcom rom-com about the skinny nerd who you know is going to get the girl, but the recently released trailer promises something more: Man Seeking Woman has an all-at-once hyper-realistic and surreal take on the life or death high stakes of being single (he literally gets set up on a blind date with a troll; his ex-girlfriend literally leaves him for Hitler... you get the picture). But alongside Baruchel is Liz, played by Britt Lower, who may not be as familiar to fans of Baruchel's Apatowian antics.

According to Lower's cheekily succinct Twitter profile, she's a "actor. artist. plant-eater," but in Man Seeking Woman, she plays Baruchel's on-screen sister and incidentally, the one who sets him up on a date with a bonafide troll — that, plus the fact that Deadline describes her sister character as "intimidating" makes me excited for the character. But the actress herself is a pretty fascinating lady outside of her work on the big and small screens.

She Paints Faces

In addition to her work as an actress, she's also a performance artist who specializes in face and body painting. Her face art strikes the right balance of whimsy and adorableness, and her body art is quite powerful as well.

Pretty cool, right?

CBS Time

Well, back on the acting side of things, you might recognize from the currently playing CBS crime drama Unforgettable: it's about a cop who has a rare condition that grants her ability to remember everything she sees, and Lower plays the show's tech geek in residence.

On The Big (Indie) Screen

Lower was also in the movie Mutual Friends (which starred Masters of Sex actor Caitlin FitzGerald), a few other (mainly indie) film projects, along with a 2012 episode of Law and Order: SVU (which honestly seems like some sort of actor rite of passage).

And She've Even Got a Web Series

She also starred in (and created) the ever-twee "Window Dressing," a web series about... well, two best friends with a special propensity for — you guessed it — window dressings.

When it comes to Lower on Man Seeking Woman, I'm thinking we should give her a shot. I mean, hey — the show has got an intriguing premise, and Baruchel swears up and down that it's feminist-friendly... it's got to be worth at least tuning into the pilot, right?