Patrick Stewart Plays The Most Annoying People on a Plane in 'Jimmy Kimmel' Skit — VIDEO

The only good thing about the holidays being over (aside from the fact that your liver is taking a well-deserved break) is that there isn't nearly as much elbowing your way through crowded airports where you inevitably undergo to much stress that you become a terrible person. Because, let's face it, as annoying as some people are in the airport, we're probably pretty annoying ourselves. Anyone can be obnoxious when it comes to traveling—even starship captains who should know better. If you need any proof, look no further than this video of Patrick Stewart in Jimmy Kimmel's "The Most Annoying People on the Plane", a clip sure to stir up repressed memories of every long-distance traveling nightmare you've ever had.

Patrick Stewart takes turns representing annoying people on the plane, alternating between the Blabbermouth, the Seat-Kicker, the Guy Who Eats Smelly Food, and so forth. The fatal flaw in the design of this skit, though, is that Patrick Stewart can do no wrong. If he took off his shoes and perched them on my head on a plane and was like, "Don't move," I'd probably just smile and give him a thumbs up (carefully, so as not to disturb his shoes).

But even though the passengers' annoyance with him is entirely unrealistic (we all know he is so boss that even bed sheets bend to his will), he still manages to be his ridiculously hilarious self. Here is the video that will make you laugh, cry, and be jealous of the flight attendants on any plane Patrick Stewart has blessed with his presence in real life:

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Image: YouTube