Even Halle Berry Leaves the House Without Makeup

When a celebrity steps outside sans makeup it shouldn't be news... and yet here we are. There are so many things I'd rather be discussing this morning than the fact that Halle Berry went grocery shopping without makeup — like Jared Leto's man braid or that scene from the season four premiere of Girls — but since some people are taking issue with the actresses decision not to get all gussied up for an errand, we need to talk about how messed up that is.

According to the Daily Mail, Berry picked up a birthday cake for her husband Olivier Martinez on Monday with daughter Nahla in tow. So far, so unremarkable, right? Also according to the Daily Mail, the Extant star "looked far from her red carpet self" while doing so, presumably because she skipped the makeup, left her hair tousled, and opted to wear a cozy poncho and boots instead of Valentino couture. Ah, yes. I had forgotten that famous women are obviously required to look awards show ready every time they leave the house. Cool.

Oh wait — they totally aren't required to do that because they are humans who occasionally skip the hair and makeup even though they have "access to some of the best stylists in Hollywood."

Sure, I love writing about fashion and dissecting celebrity outfits, but I am so sick of the constant scrutiny these famous women are under. We can evaluate celeb style without attacking people for every tiny misstep or mildly less-than-stylish moment. As The Gloss points out, if Halle Berry, one of the hottest women alive, IMO, can't skip makeup without being called "scruffy" (thanks for that one, Radar Online!), what hope do the rest of us have?