A Pregnancy Announcement We Can Get Behind

There may be a substantial amount of cute/funny pregnancy announcements out there, because apparently nothing stimulates creativity like the prospect of not having time for artistic endeavors for the next 18 years, but this lesbian couple's pregnancy announcement wins all of them, hands down. (And it had some stiff competition in the Wes Anderson one, let me tell you.) It looks like Americans for Truth was right all along and there really is a gay agenda: to make all the heterosexual couples look boring and uncreative. It's totally working.The announcement was posted online by Reddit user MeggoEggo1 under the heading "A nontraditional photo for a nontraditional family," Cosmopolitan reports. In the photo, her wife happily holds her stomach (side note: I've always wondered why pregnant women do that) while wearing a T-shirt that reads, "I'm pregnant." The twist comes from the other woman, who sports a distressed expression and a T-shirt that says, "I'm not the father." Normally my cynical, Grinch-like self isn't into the whole baby announcement thing, but even I laughed at this one. Also, there aren't even that many comments of the "Now kiss!" variety; most are congratulations or the typical speculation about how lesbian couples decide who gets pregnant. Score one for humanity!

Congrats to the happy couple! It's probably weird to hope they have another kid, but I really want to see what they would do for their next announcement.Image: Imgur