Should We Give Ugg Boots Another Chance?

by Erin Mayer

Let's talk about Ugg boots, shall we? You know, those fuzzy eyesores favored by Basics (no disrespect) who just need to be cozy while they slurp on a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino in the middle of February? Maybe you have a pair that you wear around the house or to brunch when you're too hungover to tie your shoelaces. Like Birkenstocks before them, Ugg boots might be cool again.

In a feature called "The Return of the Ugg Boot," British Vogue's Laura Weir and Julia Hobbs declare that Uggs are back, baby!

The sheepskin Ugg is no longer the preserve of a hungover milk run, or the yummy mummy. Instead, a new generation of style stars have appropriated the ultra-comfortable boot. "I wear mine with hand painted Aries jeans, a Moschino tote, Palace Skateboards hoodie and Meadham Kirchhoff star hair clips." says designer Ashley Williams. "It was my first outfit of 2015 — Uggs are the marmite of the foot wear world, they're so comfortable. I love them."'

Ignoring the fact that I'll never be able to afford any of the items they suggest I pair my furry boots with, I do agree with one part of this: They're totally still the marmite of the footwear world. I mean, they have "ugh" in the name. Still, Uggs recently brought Chrissy Teigen on board as brand ambassador, which absolutely ups their cool cred — and might even be enough to convince me that this is one ugly shoe I could potentially get behind.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ugly shoes have been trending for awhile now, so it's not exactly shocking that the creme de la creme of schleppy winter boots would be making a comeback, much to my chagrin. Or, as Weir and Hobbs put it, "autumn's take on traditional knitwear, plush sheepskin and a looming summer season obsessed with a bohemian spirit, is paving the way for an Ugg comeback."

Whatever your thoughts on the matter, here's a photo of André Leon Talley sporting a monogrammed pair to brighten your day. Anna Wintour looks mighty pleased, don't you think?

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Images: uggaustralia/Instagram; Getty Images (2)