Chrissy Teigen's UGG Ads Aren't That Basic

No matter where you stand on the term "basic," there's no denying that UGGs tend to go hand-in-hand with the phrase. The sheepskin shoe enjoys unprecedented popularity, despite being sorta UGG-ly, due to the comfort and warmth they provide. I've even worn UGGs (in black, of course) during particularly cold winters when I had to walk to and from my office in NYC. However, the fact that model Chrissy Teigen stars in the UGG Winter 2015 ad campaign might make us rethink UGG's basic status.

The "This Is UGG" campaign, which also features DJ Jack Guinness, was shot among the snow-capped mountain peaks of Iceland. Brrr! That's a pretty hip spot among celebs, with Jayonce recently vacationing there. The campaign tag is that the shoes feel like nothing else and if you've worn UGGs, you know that they are definitely cozy. I can't get down with the UGGs-with-shorts that some of my Cali compadres rock.

The goal of this marketing campaign is to present UGGs as fashionable and functional, thanks to the weather-and-water-proof design. It also asked its campaign subjects to unplug. Teigen, the wife of John Legend, is an avid Twitter user, but with her UGG ads, she disconnects with technology in order to connect with nature.

Wow, so wearing UGGs can remind us of or transport us to the beauty and simplicity of nature, bringing a sense of simplicity into our chaotic, tap-tap-tap, answering-emails-at-3-AM lives? That's the suggestion.

If you an UGG lover, here's the intel you'll care about. The campaign features the Emalie boot, which boasts waterproof leather with water-repellent wool; the Simmens boot, which has a textured, water-resistant shaft and a soft lining for warmth and comfort; the Patten, which is rugged-riche; while the Adirondack Boot II is constructed of waterproof, full-grain leather and a cuffable suede shaft.

So these are Aspen or ski resort ready, if those destinations are in your travel plans this year.

In her brief video spot, Tiegen, who is usually adorably goofy, gets serious, saying, "Life goes by so quickly so it is really important to create time and space for yourself. Sometimes you have to think of your surroundings and how blessed you are: Close your eyes, take it all in and be in the moment. In Iceland we were surrounded by so much beauty and so much simplicity — it's just food for the soul."

Soak it all in and decide for yourself if UGGs have transcended their basic-ness with an assist from Teigen.

Images: UGG (1); Giphy (1)