Proof That People Of All Sizes Can Be Active

It's a great and terrible paradox: when you decide you want to be more active, you're supposed to go to the gym/go running/go to yoga/etc, and yet you probably feel too out of shape and intimidated to be comfortable actually doing that. But here to fight the idea that you have to be thin to work out is Sport England's new video "This Girl Can" which showcases women of a diverse array of sizes and body types running, dancing, swimming, biking, playing sports — and working up a sweat while they're at it. The whole thing is awesome.

I don't know who decided that seemingly every depiction of a woman exercising has to be of someone who's perfectly trim, usually with just a hint of muscle — can't have those arms too big — and little to no sweat, but I am officially tired of it. Besides the fact that it is not accurate — the no sweating thing alone already makes it non-representative of basically everyone — it also keeps people — women especially — from actually getting out there and getting active.

In an ideal world, working out shouldn't be something you do because you're afraid of not meeting some ideal body type, and it really shouldn't be something that's seen as the territory only of the thin. Being active feels great. Getting stronger, faster, tougher, and more capable feels great. And that's true no matter what size you are or what body type you have.

So if you have ever felt that exercise isn't supposed to be for someone who looks like you, go watch this video.

And you can also find out more about Sport England and This Girl Can at their websites.