Cara Delevingne Just Cast the 'Spice World' Sequel

Were you a fan of the Spice Girls? Apparently at least one supermodel was, since Cara Delevingne just cast a Spice World sequel on her Instagram. I was, too, if only because it was the cool thing to do back in second grade. I don't actually remember liking songs like "Wannabe" and "Stop" until I was older, because when I was in elementary school, it was all about which girl you liked the best. I was a basic 7-year-old who was an avid Ginger Spice fan (I had the doll and everything), and I remember defending her to my best friend, who was a Baby Spice fan... ah, nostalgia. Anyway, it looks like Cara Delevingne has chosen her favorite — and it's Sporty Spice! She didn't stop there, though: Delevingne reimagined everyone's favorite girl band with all of her supermodel besties.

Who would you classify Cara D as? Sporty Spice honestly seems spot on — and so does the rest of her "casting." Consummate cool girl Karlie Kloss definitely makes sense as lead singer Ginger Spice, while the adorably baby-faced Suki Waterhouse is pitch-perfect as Baby Spice. Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley and Jourdan Dunn round out the group as Scary Spice and Posh Spice, respectively... are you thinking what I'm thinking?

It's high time for a Spice World sequel!