17 Possible Benedict Cumberbatch Baby Names Ranked Because "Bedpanchuck Colorcrap" Isn’t an Option

Have you ever tried to find a way to past the time? Well, if you're looking for one, a good place to start is BuzzFeed's Benedict Cumberbatch name generator called "What's Your Benedict Cumberbatch Name?" If you were wondering, yes, it's amazing as it sounds. Also, yes, it's a wonderful way to procrastinate. Obviously, BuzzFeed put together this fun game so we all could have a unique name like Mr. Cumberbatch. For example, my Benedict Cumberbatch name is: Barreldip Rompermatch. From now on, I would like my family, friends, and coworkers to please forget my real name and refer to me as this.

While passing the time, I realized this name generator is also a great tool to help Cumberbatch and his fiancée, Sophie Hunter, come up with baby names. Ever since The Imitation Game actor announced he is expecting, fans have been throwing around all kinds of potential baby names. Even Ellen DeGeneres came up with Cumber-baby names, and, yes, she hit it out of the park.

Well, thanks to BuzzFeed and its creative gene, I figured why not use this name generator to list some baby names for Cumberbatch and Hunter? As you'll see below, I've listed them from worst to best and also provided a description as to why Cumberbatch would or wouldn't use the name. First, you are so welcome. Second, enjoy!

17. I think it's pretty obvious why this name, especially the first one, would make a horrible moniker. I think Benedict would agree.

16. And like No. 17, it's apparent why this would not be the greatest name. However, if we dropped the "jizz", then we have "Party Butterbeach." Yep, Benedict would appreciate that much more.

15. Benedict would not like this name. It has "bitch" in it, and we all know how much he doesn't like his fans calling themselves "Cumberbitches."

14. Who wants to name their child using the words bedpan and crap? Not Benedict, I guarantee.

13. I find it hard to believe Benedict would want to name his baby after a "beaver." But that second name might mean his baby girl or boy would be an amazing drummer.

12. We all know how popular vampires are, but that fad has pretty much passed. Plus, I don't think Benedict would want his child to get a nickname involving the word stink.

11. Um, Bellylick? Not really my first choice in a name, but Gunnerbranch kind of sounds cool.

10. Seriously, what's with "belly"? Anyway, at least this one involves a "cat." Maybe Benedict likes cats, so this is a good possibility.

9. Clearly, Benedict would use this name, because his kid will love jelly, might become a shrink, loves to hug, and will play catch with his parents.

8. All I can think of is Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," so yeah, this would make one great name. Can you imagine the dance parties Benedict would have with his child named "Coverbass"? However, "Breakfastduck" isn't the greatest, but maybe they'll just use one name like a lot of stars do.

7. This is a strong-sounding name. Not only will his child like to trim bonsai trees, but he/she will love dogs, all while wearing some rubberbrass knuckles (of course, Benedict will promote nonviolence in his home...he just seems the type).

6. Can you see Benedict coloring with his child who is also extremely flexible aka "bendy"? That just means he/she will be an amazing dancer, like his/her father.

5. Not only do we have some alliteration, but this name, once again, proves Benedict's child will be a shrink. However, he/she might need to get their own therapy for that second name...

4. Similar to No. 3, but I just like the name "Hunter," and I think Benedict would too — duh.

3. Again, enter Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" and the fact that Benedict would let his kid drink Butterbeer like they did in Harry Potter. Why wouldn't he name his kid after the beloved books?

2. This name just sounds cool and kind of like a detective. Hmm.... Would Benedict's kid be the new Sherlock Holmes? Maybe he wants his son/daughter to be just that?

1. Lastly, this name says it all. Benedict is a feminist, so, yeah, he'd love this name.

All in all, these names are ridiculous, but hilarious. I'm sure Cumberbatch and Hunter will choose something much tamer and more "normal." Well, let's hope.

Images: Buzzfeed