Is "Carl Cumberbatch" on the Way?

Happy Hump Day, indeed. If you're looking to improve your Wednesday, then stop what you're doing and watch this interview with Benedict Cumberbatch and Ellen DeGeneres. While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cumberbatch and DeGeneres talked three things those who love him can't help but discuss when his name is mentioned: "Cumberbitches," photobombing, and baby names. Basically, this chat will and should make your day that much better, so I recommend watching, especially the part where DeGeneres suggests all kinds of crazy baby names for Cumberbatch and his fiancée Sophie Hunter, who recently announced that they will be first-time parents.

What do you think? Should the Sherlock actor name his baby girl or boy (who he says might be "little" or "huge," but they don't know yet) Harpsichord, Glockenspiel, or Carl? Funnily enough, Cumberbatch was most confused about DeGeneres' last suggestion, "Carl." He said,

Carl. Carl Cumberbatch. I’m not getting it.

DeGeneres said, "There's nothing to get." Cumberbatch then added, "Right, it's just a name."

Well, whatever they name their wee or big one, I can only hope it will be unique as The Imitation Game actor's moniker and have some nice alliteration like "Carl Cumberbatch." Ever since it was announced that a little Cumber-baby was on its way, fans have been providing all kinds of name suggestions. I'm sure Cumberbatch and Hunter will give it a lot of thought, and I have no doubt he will not name his child "Cumberbitch," because as we all know he's not a lover of his fan base calling themselves "Cumberbitches", which he also told DeGeneres during their chat.

However, I'm pretty sure once his child is here, Cumberbatch will photobomb at least one of his firstborn's photos. Seriously, how amazing would that be?

Check out the full interview for yourself below, where you can see more of Cumberbatch's greatness and further swoon-worthy moments.