Where Can I Get 'Charlie Hebdo' Past Issues? Luckily, You've Got Some Options

On Wednesday, lines formed in front of newsstands across France stocking Charlie Hebdo , which quickly sold out of all three million issues. The defiant cover features a depiction of the Prophet Muhammad crying, tagged with "Tout est pardonne," or "All is forgiven" as he holds a sign stating "Je Suis Charlie." The 16 pages of the paper includes cartoons depicting the Islamic State, a women wearing a burqa, and Pope Francis. (FYI, here's how to get your copy of Charlie Hebdo this week.)

Many retailers in the U.S. have confirmed that they don't carry the publication and will not be sourcing the current edition, including Barnes & Noble and Ingram Content Group, two of the largest magazine distributers nationwide. You could sign-up for a Amazon magazine subscription to Charlie Hebdo for $181.39, or $3.49 per issue, but the service often comes with a wait time of several weeks for the first issue, ruling out this week's edition. Many Reddit users are also trying to find ways to bring copies into the U.S.

Thanks to the spike in demand, it's increasingly difficult to obtain a copy inside France, but especially challenging beyond its borders. Which prompts the question — where can you find copies of the past editions of Charlie Hebdo?

A Newsstand or Store


The possibility of walking to your neighborhood newsstand and handpicking a copy seems unlikely. Martin McEwen, executive vice president of LMPI, the title’s distributor in Canada and the US, told Media Ink that there will only be 300 French language copies o this week's edition available in the U.S. He is not aware how many copies from the second printing will cross the Atlantic. But the first print is expected to be stocked in just New York and San Francisco, with speculation remaining over what stores.

Many Americans have begun to ask about where to purchase a copy, prompting the American Booksellers Association to post on its website that it is "actively exploring the logistics of obtaining copies of the upcoming issue of Charlie Hebdo for member stores to carry." Basically, if you want to read a copy soon, waiting for it to be stocked in a location near you may not be the best option.

The App Store

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The New York Post reported that a digital edition of the magazine will be published on Thursday via an app costing around $3.50. Another highlight — it'll also be available in English, Spanish, and Arabic. There are no details yet as to the type of devices that will be able to access what's likely to be a popular download.

This is probably the easiest place to obtain a past edition, if they're offered, and it won't run out of copies — so you won't have to wake up early to stand outside of a newsstand.

Online Bidding Sites

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Maybe a digital copy isn't what you're looking for — you want a hard copy, one you can hold in your hands. If you're willing to shell out some cash, copies can cost hundreds on eBay. Some sellers are offering PDF versions for sale if you don't want to wait for the app release tomorrow.

No matter your location or budget, there seem to be options for anybody interested in standing up for Charlie Hebdo by investing in past and present copies.

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