10 Signs You're a Crazy Cat Person

It’s common knowledge that the Internet exists primarily for cats, so here — have another funny cat video. Feline duo Cole and Marmalade’s latest creation — or, y’know, their faithful owners’ latest creation — offers 10 surefire signs you’re a crazy cat person, and as always, it’s absolutely, 100 percent accurate. Source: I am a crazy cat person. I wasn’t always one — I grew up with dogs, not cats — but over the past couple of years after I started cohabiting with a few of them…well, let’s just say that miracles do happen.

I think what I like so much about Cole and Marmalade’s videos is that they’re as much about cat owners as they are about cats themselves — that is, it’s not just full of videos of a lone cat jumping in and out of a box (sorry, Maru. Your schtick got old after a while). The true joy — and sometimes nightmare — of keeping a cat or two around isn’t just the cute things they do on their own; it’s the hilarious things they do when interacting with you, their human. How you and your cat coexist is the key to knowing whether or not you’re a crazy cat person, and that’s exactly what this video drives home. “Crazy,” of course, is a relative term here; after all, it’s totally normal to vacate your favorite chair purely because your cat wants to sit there. Right? Right???

Here are my six favorite points; scroll down to watch the whole video.

1. This is your alarm clock:

I wake up to a variation on this theme every morning: One of my cats attempting to gnaw my elbows off. Still, though, it’s an improvement over the phase she went through as a kitten where she decided that whacking me across the face with her paw was the most effective way to take me from sleeping (that is, not paying attention to her) to waking (or, paying ALL the attention to her).

2. Everything you own is covered in cat hair.

This is particularly problematic if the color your cat’s fur produces a high contrast level when paired with the color of the majority of your wardrobe. I keep my substantial collection of lint rollers in a cabinet, rather than a drawer, but the effect is ultimately more or less the same.

3. You actively collect empty cardboard boxes because your cat loves them so much you can’t bear to throw them out.

True story: Every time my SO and I go to Costco, we hunt through the giant bin of empty boxes they keep by the exit in search of the weirdest-shaped box we can find…and we bring it home just for the cats. It’s also useful for transporting groceries and smaller items from the car to the house — but it’s mainly for the cats.

4. You’re willing to use the uncomfortable folding chair you keep for emergencies because the cat is sitting in your cushy desk chair.

Obviously you can’t just move the cat. The chair very clearly belongs to her or him now.

5. You carry out full conversations with your cat.

The important thing to note here is that you don’t just talk to them; they talk back, too. Every time I tell my troublemaker of a cat to get out of the kitchen sink, I like to think the plaintive little “Mew! Meeeeeeeeeeeeew!” she gives back is her saying, “But mooooooooooooooooooooom!”

6. This is what your home decor looks like:

My SO and I haven’t gone quite that far yet…but it’s probably only a matter of time.

Watch the whole video below, and head on over to Cole and Marmalade's YouTube channel for more.

Images: Cole and Marmalade/YouTube (6)