Cat Logic Makes No Sense

If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time around cats (or if you just spend a lot of time watching cat videos on YouTube), you’re probably already aware of the strange phenomenon known as cat logic. Cat logic is a curious thing; as far as your feline friends go, whatever they decide to do at any given time makes absolute sense, no matter what it is, where they’re doing it, what they’re doing it to, or when they’re doing it. In reality, though… well, let’s just say that there’s nothing quite like coming home to the sight of your cat knocking everything off your kitchen counters to get at a random scrap of paper you left up there because good golly, isn’t that scrap of paper far more appealing a plaything than the piles of cat toys lying neglected on the floor?

In case, however, you are somehow not familiar with this most inexplicable of concepts, Cole and Marmalade are here to help. In their latest YouTube video, these two hilarious felines demonstrate some of the most commonly encountered examples of cat logic. For example, given a choice between a giant, amazing, climb-worth cat castle like this:

And this:

Guess which one your cat would rather climb on? You got it — this:

Even if your cat has boatloads of toys at his or her disposal…

…He or she will still spend significantly more time entertained by items like toe spacers:

Anything you have that’s important or delicate? Your cat will shove it into his or her mouth and attempt to eat it:

Or sleep in it:

And even if you get your cat the most high tech and comfortable of pet beds, odds are his or her bed of choice will be the pizza box from last Friday you left on the floor and still haven’t thrown out yet:

Oh, and your cat will probably be convinced that he or she is the next Picasso:

Even if, in reality, he or she is why you can’t have nice things:

As an owner of two cats, I can confirm that all of these examples are completely, 100 percent accurate. Especially the tree thing — my mom sent my boyfriend and I a mini Christmas tree one year when we couldn’t travel for the holidays, and though it was a lovely gesture, we had a hell of a time stopping the cats from knocking it over every five minutes.

Watch the whole video below, and catch more of Cole and Marmalade's antics over at their YouTube channel. Funny cats are good for your health, so consider it your daily dose of laughter!

Images: Lebatihem/Flickr; Cole and Marmalade/YouTube