These 13 Photoshop Fails Will Make You Cringe

Retouching is so ubiquitous now that most of the time, we don't even notice how models' waists are inhumanly small or that their perfect, smooth skin is impossibly poreless; it's kind of the point of Photoshop. But, as BuzzFeed's video "13 Photoshop Fails You Won't Believe Really Happened" shows, sometimes the wizards behind perfecting models' already-perfect bodies just aren't paying attention. I guess everyone has bad days at work, but these mistakes are way more visible than when your barista gets your Starbucks order wrong, if not quite as traumatizing.Photoshop, as you probably well know, is a bit of a touchy subject in the fashion world. People outside the industry condemn it for creating literally unachievable standards of beauty for women, but save for a few companies like Aerie, everyone does it anyway. The amount of retouching varies from person to person, as we found out when Bustle's Marie Southard Ospina asked people around the world to photoshop her, but there's one cardinal rule: don't make it obvious. Unfortunately, the retouchers behind the 13 images featured in the video didn't seem to get the memo, because oh boy is their work noticeable. Lots of body parts go missing in post-production, apparently, like nipples or an entire leg. Messing with proportions must be like applying eyeliner: every few minutes, you need to step back and ask yourself whether you've gone too far. If your model's legs seemingly stretch on to infinity like some alien creature, the answer would be yes.

Check out the video below: