Sexy Alternatives To Lingerie This Valentine’s Day — Because There Are Fashionable Ways To Look Hot Besides Wearing Just Undies, Obviously

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Come February 14th, there will be two types of people: Those who absolutely adore Valentine's Day, and those who absolutely despise it. If you're reading this, you're probably part of the former group. If not, don't worry. There's a world of anti-Valentine's Day content in cyberspace, especially for you!

Whether you have dinner plans with a significant other, are going clubbing with a big group of friends, or attending a dating mixer in hopes of getting struck by cupid's bow, you're probably wondering what you should wear. And although lingerie might seem like the right answer, it isn't. While wearing a lace garter and corset for a night on the town does sound fun in theory (or does it?), there are plenty of sexy, flattering ensembles to wear for Valentine's Day festivities that are far more original.

So instead of limiting yourself to revealing and/or uncomfortable pieces, reach for flattering red skirts, a classic LBD, and some fun holiday-themed accessories. The choices are endless — in both plus and straight sizes. Because on the big V-Day, lingerie doesn't have to be the only show-stealer.

SPOILER: Chains and whips not included.

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