Beyonce Has Been Pregnant Since September & More Absurd Rumors About Queen B

Nothing gets the rumor mills churning like the status of Beyoncé's womb. Witnessing the moment Beyoncé unveiled her pregnant baby belly at the MTV Music Awards is still engraved in my mind and it's likely to stay in our collective subconscious because she is BEYONCÉ. The ever tricky Queen Bee decided to tease us a little a few days ago when she posted an Instagram photo of her sporting a pregnant belly made out of sand. Many took it as a baby announcement, Michelle Williams said it wasn't, but now Life & Style claims that Beyoncé is pregnant and having a baby boy! Wait, WHAT?

Let's rewind here for a minute because we seemed to have missed quite a few steps on the path to Beyoncé already knowing the gender of her baby. In some photos at a recent Brooklyn Nets game, Bey showed up wearing an all-black ensemble with high-waisted jeans that did not show any semblance of a baby belly. But then again, black is known to be slimming and the camera can trick the eye, so how will we actually know?

Then there's the whole thing about Beyoncé using a surrogate to carry Blue Ivy while she wore a prosthetic stomach. But that speculation is old news. There are new rumors about Beyoncé being pregnant in 2015, so let's check out some of the equally outlandish rumors that are out there about Carter-Knowles spawn #2.

Back to Life & Style, their "insider" says that the couple is elated to have a new boy in the family, so now Jay Z is totally into the marriage again:

There's no question that he adores Blue, but he's felt an emptiness not having a little boy. When they found out the good news, it was like new life was injected into their marriage — Jay is 150 percent invested now.

Um, I highly doubt Jay Z would feel anything close to that considering how incredible head over heels he is for Blue Ivy. And unless the sonogram nurse is the insider and Jay Z decided to talk about this very private matter with a stranger in the room, this has to totally FALSE.

If all of the rumors were true, Beyoncé would have been gestating Baby Carter 2 since at least September, because rumors began when Jay Z changed the lyrics in one of his songs to reference a pregnancy. Although there was never a comment from the couple as to why he changed lyrics in "Beach Is Better" to "'cause she pregnant with another one," I have to say that if that child has been in there since September or August, it must be really teeny tiny and quite frankly, an invisible baby because there are no signs of it.

Furthermore, the investigators over at Gawker thoroughly examined a video of Jay and Bey sitting courtside and fumbling over some beverages. They note that Jay Z tries to differentiate between the bubbly drink and what seems like water, making sure Beyoncé gets the water because she's PREGNANT. OK, so that's a little out there, but comments on the YouTube video indicate that many fans believe it.

My favorite ridiculous claim is the strange video of Beyoncé swaying back and forth at a Nets game was a side effect of Zofran, a medicine used to combat severe morning sickness. Now, this is obviously unlikely, but I appreciate all of the effort it took to research this.

As history has shown in the case of Beyoncé, unless she comes out with a grand statement — or we see a clear sonogram of that baby in her uterus and a video from the delivery room — nothing can really appease the rabid public, so just brace yourself for more ridiculousness.

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