Why Are Danes Promising to Have More Sex?

The government of Denmark has asked it's people for a really particular favor — Denmark wants Danish people to have more sex. Yep, you read that correctly. Because of falling birthrates, which are the lowest in Europe at about 1.7 children born per family, Denmark started a campaign called "Do it For Denmark" to encourage people to have more sex and make more babies. One region of Denmark in particular called Thisted has agreed to procreate as much as possible over the next few years to maintain schools, nurseries, and recreational facilities which, at the moment, are severely underpopulated.

But that's not their only incentive. The Danish government is also offering deals on vacations and holiday getaways to encourage citizens to get it on; according to a promotional video, the Danes have 46 percent more sex on vacation compared to everyday life. On top of that, if couples can prove that they traveled and conceived, they're eligible for three years worth of free baby supplies and a paid-for baby-friendly vacation. The video even does a good job of acknowledging that not everyone can or wants to participate and make sure that it's clear that that's OK. The fun part isn't the end result, but the participation.