Justin Bieber Responds to Calvin Klein Controversy with a Bathroom Selfie, So Let's Unpack This Image — PHOTO

To avenge themselves of troll-worthy criticism, some celebrities pen thoughtful Internet op-eds; the Biebs prefers to display his proud pectorals on social media. Justin Bieber responded to the Calvin Klein Photoshop controversy by posting a bathroom selfie, because he's Justin Bieber and he just can't help himself. Sure, the statute of limitations for getting back at the haters has sort of passed in this situation, but knock yourself out, I guess.

Last week, Calvin Klein's newest campaign, starring none other than Bieber-meister, debuted to a cacophony of buzz. Most of the photos depicted a shirtless Bieber looking extremely muscular, but there were also some fun ones where he wore a little denim vest that made him look like a fancy man. Plenty of the chatter was about Bieber's back muscles, biceps, and bulge probably being digitally enhanced, and he hasn't commented on the issue publicly until now.

On Wednesday afternoon, Bieber shared a shot of himself almost naked with a towel hanging from his waist captioned: "Photoshop, lol."

Just humor him, guys. I know the CK Photoshop controversy is so last week, but it probably took him five to six days of hard thinking to figure out the perfect zinger. "This'll show 'em..." He thought, as he chose the perfect filter, "THIS'LL SHOW THEM ALL!!"

Rather than craving some ointment for the Bieber burn that he just shot my way, this image sparks a bevy of logistical questions:

  • Is he in a public restroom? There seems to be far too many sinks for a master bathroom here.
  • Perhaps he's in a dorm or at Equinox? The wall outlet says "dorm," but the apparent cleanliness of the space says "Equinox." I'm confused.
  • Whose towel lays abandoned on the floor in the background? Was it Justin's head towel or someone else's?
  • Are we to believe that the original towel user is now galavanting about the room in the nude?
  • Does the cosmetic case on the counter belong to Justin Bieber or to the hypothetical streaker who left the towel on the floor?
  • WHO is taking this picture? Is it the bathroom attendant? IS IT THE STREAKER??

Oh, Justin Bieber. Making us think with thoughtless content since 2008.