23 Ways To Treat Yourself And Keep Up With All Your New Year's Resolutions, Because You Deserve It

When a new year rolls around, all we do is torture ourselves. It's all about making New Year's resolutions like losing weight, cutting back on our favorite things, and saving money instead of celebrating another year of our lives. I'd like to propose a change, albeit a small one: indulge a little! Or in the words of Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation, make 2015 the year to TREAT. YO. SELF.

Don't go and buy yourself a $100,000 car, though — I've rounded up 23 gifts under $150 to make a great impact on your life and help with your resolutions. For instance, if you spend $5 a day on lattes, get a fancy coffee maker; if you spend all your cash on treatments at the salon, DIY sleek hair at home; and if you want better skin without going to the dermatologist, try a great cleansing brush. Whatever your resolution, I've got you covered... just don't overindulge in online shopping afterward.

Resolution: Get Better Skin

No disrespect to Clarisonic, but Michael Todd’s Soniclear cleansing brush will change your life. It is the first antimicrobial — a.k.a. it won’t get all nasty with gunk and bacteria — and fully sonic-powered brush that gently exfoliates and has six speeds for both your face and body.

Michael Todd’s Soniclear Cleansing Brush, $149

Resolution: Eat Out Less

If you eat out all the time, try hosting in-home shindigs instead with appetizers and wine. To get you started, this collaboration with Wifey — a great site that creates and curates content that features women as makers and subjects instead of objects — and indie food company Mouth is delish. It includes items like pistachio caramel corn, chocolate hazelnut spread, and raspberry and vanilla bean jam.

Mouth’s The Wifey Taster, $85

Resolution: Stop Hitting the Tanning Bed

If you are worried about tanning beds being bad for you, or if you’re just spending too much to look bronzed, try Karora Cosmetics’ Gradual Tan for Face + Body. It is a buildable tan that works head to toe, and they also have an Express Bronzing Mousse if you want to go darker faster.

Karora Cosmetics’ Gradual Tan For Face + Body, $25

Resolution: Stop Losing Makeup Brushes

If you’re always losing your makeup, especially expensive brushes, try magnetizing them. This magnetic brush holder from Australian makeup artist Rae Morris holds everything in place and will look gorgeous in your bathroom.

Rae Morris Kabuki Magnetic Brush Holder, $28.24 USD (brushes not included)

Resolution: Spend Less Time (and Money) at the Bar

Quit drinking… out at the bar so much. Stock your in-home bar with fun liquors like Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon. It’s smoky, but not too potent, and has a nice smooth finish. Try spiking some tea with it or making a killer old-fashioned.

Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon, $30.99 for 750ml bottle

Resolution: Buy Less Coffee

Are you guilty of buying a $5 latte every morning? Brew one at home with the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio. It can make hot and cold espresso drinks, including cappuccinos and Americanos, and there’s a slew of different pods to choose from — even Chai tea lattes!

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio, $129.99

Resolution: Get Smoother Skin

Instead of guessing on what kind of scrub to use without sucking the moisture out of your skin, handle both with Moroccanoil Body Buff. Its gel formula includes argan and essential oils like avocado, sweet almond, and grape seed for exfoliation, toning, and moisturizing.

Moroccanoil Body Buff, $42

Resolution: Host More Dinner Parties

If planning a party stresses you out, try ordering a party in a box with Pastoral’s Lakeview Collection. The Chicago-based cheese shop put together a great package including Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, small batch preserves from Quince & Apple, Potter’s Crisps, honey, and more that ships to you ready to serve. They also have monthly cheese, wine, and charcuterie subscriptions if you feel extra fancy.

Pastoral Lakeview Collection, $99.99

Resolution: Drink More Water

If you’re like me, your Brita filter pitcher is old, doesn’t hold much water, and isn’t very nice to look at. You can class things up in your fridge and drink more with the SOMA Water Filter Carafe that is made with an all-natural coconut filter, shatter resistant glass, and a BPA-free plastic cone.

SOMA Water Filter Carafe, $99 with six filters (1-year supply)

Resolution: Stop With All the Blowouts

Quit your blowout habit by doing a keratin treatment at home. Pravana’s KeraGlaze Smoother and Color Lock repairs and strengthens with keratin proteins, then saves your hair from damage and adds shine.

Pravana KeraGlaze Smoother and Color Lock, $29.95 at salons

Resolution: Stop Going to Brunch Every Weekend

Stop getting $15 omelettes and try whipping up some food at home. This decadent brunch basket could feed a huge crowd or satisfy you for months to come. It includes a huge cinnamon swirl roll, praline pecan pancake mix, coffee, syrup, tea, preserves, and more.

Harry & David Brunch Gift Basket, $59.95

Resolution: Wear More Sparkle

Instead of wearing glittery clothes, how about dusting yourself with 24-karat gold? That’s what Jane Iredale’s Signature Gilded Collection can do for you, adding a little sparkle and shimmer to everyday life without looking like a disco ball. P.S. Anna Kendrick is also a big fan of Iredale’s custom Just Kissed lip and cheek stain.

Jane Iredale’s Signature Gilded Collection 24-Karat Gold Dust, three for $38

Resolution: Deal With Breakups Better

Breaking up is hard to do, so if it happens to you, treat yourself to some fancy chocolate instead of Ben & Jerry’s. You deserve it, and you’re better off without him or her. This Francois Payard collection has fillers from creamy roasted peanut butter to fresh ginger.

Francois Payard 25-Piece Chocolate Collection, $52

Resolution: Look More Presentable at Work

Don’t roll into work looking like you partied hard last night — use Benefit’s instant eye gel to iron out puffs and fine lines. Then you can say, “I woke up like this” (and wink).

Benefit Puff Off, $29

Resolution: Stop Worrying About Getting Married

If you want your significant other to put a ring on it, maybe you should do it yourself instead. With JewelScent, you get a free jewel valued from $10 to $7500 inside a delicious-smelling candle. Two birds, one stone, no broken hearts.

JewelScent Birthday Cake Candle, $24.99

Resolution: Cut Out Manicures

Stop going to the nail salon every week by doing your own gel manicure at home with SensatioNail. It comes with an LED lamp and takes 10 minutes to get a chip-free manicure for two full weeks.

SensatioNail Gel Polish Starter Kit, $59.99; additional colors $11.99 each

Resolution: Eat Less Chocolate

OK, so maybe eating cheesecake isn’t a good solution to cut out chocolate, but this dessert is so worth it. The HoneyBell is a combination of a tangerine and a grapefruit that is only harvested once a year in January, and Harry & David uses them to make a glaze to top the citrus-studded cheesecake.

Cushman’s HoneyBell Cheesecake from Harry & David, $29.95

Resolution: Relax More

If you’re not sleeping enough, maybe you just need to relax. In the Weleda Body Oil Starter Kit, there’s soothing lavender and regenerating pomegranate to help you out. And if someone gives you a massage with them, even better.

Weleda Body Oil Starter Kit, $15.99

Resolution: Get More Sleep

If work or other things are keeping you from getting enough sleep, make your bed a destination. This duvet cover has all of your favorite things, from mason jars to pretzels to sushi to Fleetwood Mac lyrics.

Julia Pott Duvet Cover, from $89 (full) to $129 (king)

Resolution: Don't Let Pizza Delivery People Know You by Name

Don’t over-Seamless pizza so much that the delivery people know your name and apartment number. Instead, just make pies at home. The ceramic stone in this Breville cooker heats up like a real brick pizza oven to 660 degrees for crispy crust and makes a personal-size 11” pizza.

Breville Crispy Crush Pizza Maker from Williams-Sonoma, $149.95

Resolution: Stop Getting Sick So Much

If you keep catching a cold, try bundling up more. In addition to puffy coats, you need a big, soft blanket to keep you warm at night. Try this plush one from Kohl’s that will feel like a cloud surrounding you — it’s 90” by 92”, which is enormously perfect.

The Big One Plush Soft Blanket from Kohl’s, $89.99

Resolution: Get Organized

Your tiny kitchen is always cluttered, right? Clean it up and get a great bar cart all in one with this fun rolling stand from CB2.

CB2 Kitchen Cart, $129.99

Resolution: Stop Going to the Deli for Breakfast

Stop shelling out $5 for breakfast every morning at the deli or bodega and make it yourself. This awesome gadget makes an Egg McMuffin at home in minutes, and you can even make one for your BFF, lover, or whomever you want to impress at the same time.

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $39.92