23 Ways To Treat Yourself And Keep Up With All Your New Year's Resolutions, Because You Deserve It

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When a new year rolls around, all we do is torture ourselves. It's all about making New Year's resolutions like losing weight, cutting back on our favorite things, and saving money instead of celebrating another year of our lives. I'd like to propose a change, albeit a small one: indulge a little! Or in the words of Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation, make 2015 the year to TREAT. YO. SELF.

Don't go and buy yourself a $100,000 car, though — I've rounded up 23 gifts under $150 to make a great impact on your life and help with your resolutions. For instance, if you spend $5 a day on lattes, get a fancy coffee maker; if you spend all your cash on treatments at the salon, DIY sleek hair at home; and if you want better skin without going to the dermatologist, try a great cleansing brush. Whatever your resolution, I've got you covered... just don't overindulge in online shopping afterward.

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