Chris and Liam Hemsworth Are So. Cute.

I spend most of my days plotting elaborate ways to make Liam Hemsworth my husband, but after getting wind of his latest adorable antics, I think I'm going to have to step up my game. Other than the obvious reasons — the good looks, the success, the Aussie accent, etc. — Jimmy Fallon just got a ridiculously adorable Hemsworth family story out of the Sexiest Man Alive, that makes The Hunger Games star even better than we initially thought. If you were asleep during Chris Hemsworth's visit to The Tonight Show , you're probably going to want to hear the imminent cuteness that is about to follow. You see, Jimmy Fallon had aimed to poke a little fun at the youngest Hemsworth, because he was photographed with his toenails painted a variety of bold colors, but instead what ensued was total endearment.

As it turns out, Liam and Chris are extremely family oriented. So much so, that Chris explained to Fallon that his daughter, India, and his nieces gave both him and Liam good old fashioned makeovers, right down to the ultra stylish pedicure they received. Think about this for a second, ladies. The Sexiest Man Alive and the Sexiest Man Alive-in-training, sat there and let a gaggle of little girls dress them up like dolls, embarrassment be damned. If that doesn't kick your ovaries into gear, I'm not too certain what else will.

Here's a picture of the burly 25 year old with his fancy feet:

And here's Chris explaining the whole thing: