How Does Danny Huston aka Massimo Know Elsa on 'AHS Freak Show'? He's No Longer the Axeman

While promoting his work in Big Eyes, Danny Huston revealed that we would see him again on American Horror Story: Freak Show — and the time has finally come. We originally saw him in the "Blood Bath" episode (you know, the episode where Dandy bathed in his mother's blood). His character Massimo Dolcefino was the one who provided Elsa with her prosthetic legs after they were sawed off for torture pornography.

But it turns out Massimo is more than just skilled at prosthetics, he also is in love with Elsa. In the Jan. 14 episode "Show Stoppers," we saw more of their backstory together. And turns out he went on a crazy killing spree to murder the men who had cut off Elsa's calves. (Did he even say he went after Hans Gruber? Like Die Hard's Hans Gruber??)

Now this isn't Huston's first time around American Horror Story. He was the Axeman in AHS: Coven. There's also rumors that he could have been the voice of Dandy's therapist, but that doesn't seem as likely now that he's returned as Massimo. So we'll see if Jimmy actually allows him to give him new hands. But at this point, no one is getting a happy ending.