On 'AHS' That. Just. Happened.

This was no flashback, AHS fans. Neil Patrick Harris' Chester sawed Maggie in half, killing the betraying false fortune teller. Only moments prior, she tried to get Jimmy to understand and forgive her, weeping "I hate hurting you" as she cleaned his painful stumps. But Jimmy was unmoved. He's lost everything and a great deal of that is because of Maggie and Stanley's dealings. But did Maggie really deserve to die for that?

Well, no. But did Ethel deserve to die for standing up to Elsa after Elsa stabbed Paul? Hell no. Did Meep deserve to die? Did Salty deserve to die? Did Gabourey Sidibe's short-lived character deserve her end? No, no, no. The only person so far who really deserves to die seems to be Elsa, yet everyone else seems to be getting the axe... or saw.

Yet, there lies Maggie, blood dripping from her mouth and middle. When she volunteered for Chester's saw act, Chester went to his dark place — the one that allowed him to kill his wife and her lover in a blackout of rage — and Maggie's face transformed into his wife's, her lover's, and Marjorie's faces. Rather than allowing Maggie to pull her feet up — the way the trick normally works — he cuffs her ankles and then, well, saws her in half in one of the more brutal scenes this show has ever seen.

Watching a woman being sawed in half as her middle comes undone is nigh unbearable. But I suppose it's all to help fuel the fire behind the freaks' desire to stab Elsa with whatever broken wine glasses they can muster. It's just a shame that Maggie was so passive in all of this, and yet she too paid the ultimate price.

Image: Michele K. Short/FX