8 Times Sports Fans' Emotions Made Them Act Like The Most Insane, Destructive People Ever — VIDEOS

The 2015 Super Bowl is nearly upon us, and I can already sense a growing presence of sports-aggression in the air. Mega-fans are getting ready, their fists permanently clenched, tickets bought, and flat-screens updated. This video, which depicts an insane myriad of football fans somewhere in Europe leaving a game very, very distraught, is the kind of insanity I'm totally ready for come February 1st. Bring it, passionate sports people! I love all of you and your wildly irrational responses to game outcomes!

These fans, who are streaming down the escalator, are yelling at the barrage of cops, and just being generally pissed and kind of dick-ish. The cops don't do anything at first, but after a minute, they seemingly speed up the escalator so it can escort them out. Which pisses off the football fanpeople even more, so they start kicking the machine and screaming. It all just looks so, very reasonable. Go football! Go humanity!

But okay, can we talk about this violent affinity for sports for a sec? It's pretty well known that a lot of people have very strong feelings about sports. Like, aggressively strong. I don't really do sports so I don't really understand why humans scream and flail their bodies like possessed fish and get violent over a ball. But whatever, the heart wants what it wants, I guess.

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Here are seven more times fans went totally bonkers over sports. Watch and feel yourself growing more and more impressed with their dedication to the cause.

1. A compilation of all the intense fans just doing their thing for a 2012 NBA game

NBA on YouTube

2. A brawl in the name of the 2013 Pro Bowl game

David McGue on YouTube

3. A Detroit Lion Lions fan gets really, really defensive

woovids on YouTube

4. Fans literally attack the football players in a Steaua vs Petrolul Footbal game

Roki Ivano on YouTube

5. People watching an FSU vs Notre Dame losing their minds in the comfort of their own home

Jay Morris on YouTube

6. After the 2012 World Series, San Francisco Giants fans had feelings

lubungu mapanda on YouTube

7. In an Alton vs Edwardsville basketball game, things got pretty heated