Get To Know Christina Milian's Talented Family

Did you ever jam to "AM to PM" or "Dip It Low"? I used to blast those songs on the radio constantly, and it was all thanks to singer Christina Milian. Now, the singer and actress is letting the world into her life with her very own E! reality show called Christina Milian Turned Up, which premiered on Jan. 18. The show follows Milian getting back into the game of acting and music. If you've been wondering where she's been hiding, well, Milian took time off to raise her daughter Violet. Now, she's ready more than ever to take the world by storm.

As exciting as it may be to watch Milian in her own reality series, it doesn't purely focus on her. We also get a glimpse into her family, including her mom and two sisters. This makes for the perfect opportunity to get to know her family members, who are all very tight, despite the occasional bout of drama. But whose family doesn't have drama? In case you've missed the basic information amidst all the craziness of Turned Up or just need a refresher, here's your guide to the Milian's family members, who just so happen to be her co-stars.

Carmen Milian, Christina's Mother

In addition to being Christina's mom, she's also her manager and consultant. Carmen has represented Christina's entire music and film career, but that's not all. She's also an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and business partner with Christina.

Danielle Milian, Christina's Sister

The middle Milian sister, Danielle is a former child actor and model. Now, she is a celebrity hair stylist, and, yes, her clientele includes her sister, Christina. Also, Danielle is married with two kids.

Liz Milian, Christina's Sister

The youngest Milian sister, Liz is a Le Cordon Bleu Cooking Academy graduate, where she obtained a degree as a culinary/personal chef. Currently, she is in the process of writing her first cookbook.

Violet Madison Nash, Christina's Daughter

In 2010, Christina gave birth to her first child, Violet Madison Nash, with her then husband The Dream. No offense to the other Milian women, but Violet is definitely the cutest part of Turned Up.

Image: James Dimmock/E! Entertainment