7 Vibrators You Should Totally Buy Your Lady Friends For Valentine's Day

There are several ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, whether you're single or coupled off — and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t throw a good Valentine’s Day vibrator into that mix. Hear me out. If you're in a loving relationship, you can whip out the ol' Spanx, get dolled up, and enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner that will either end in a chocolate gift or oral sex (but usually a combo of both). If you're single, there are even more options available to you. You can decide to sleep entirely through the holiday, or order Thai take-out and romance yourself, or hit the town and pick up an embittered single at the bar. But no matter which route you choose, I sincerely believe Valentine's Day should be about buying a good friend a good vibrator.

Giving the gift of self-achieved orgasm to a friend is perhaps the greatest gift of all, and an important way to celebrate female sexuality on a day (and on a planet) where female sexuality is often forgotten, dismissed, or minimized. All women, regardless of relationship status, can benefit from masturbation, an act of self-love that can become even more delectable with the perfect vibrator. Let's reclaim Valentine's Day, and put our lady friends and female pleasure first.

by Maria Yagoda

Ava Natural Flow Vibrator

In the spirit of the holiday, this vibrator is a girly pink, but don’t be fooled; it does serious work. The vibrator’s skin-like surface and warming technology combine to make you feel like you’re actually, well, having sex.

Ava Natural Flow Vibrator, $28, Amazon

Crave Duet

Buy this luxury vibrator for a best friend only. While the Duet is definitely on the pricey side, the tiny, portable device is insanely powerful, thanks to a dual tip that hugs the clitoris, yet is also completely silent, for all library-masturbation needs.

Crave Duet, $159, Amazon

We-Vibe Touch

I’m particularly partial to the We-Vibe Touch, as using it was my very first introduction to the pleasures of machine stimulation. It’s the ultimate vibrator for a friend who is new to the whole vibrator scene: the Touch is very easy to use and offers eight amazing vibration modes.

We-Vibe Touch, $65, Amazon


Want to treat your friend to fine jewels and great orgasms? Finally you don’t have to choose between the two! The Vesper, a super glam, wearable vibrator, provides on-the-go clitoral stimulation. (Even if your friend doesn’t have the confidence to wear the vibrator out in public, she’ll likely keep it tucked in her purse for emergencies.)

Crave Vesper, $79, Amazon

Minna Ola

Clit or G-Spot, G-spot or clit? These are the questions a modern woman must ask when seeking out vibrator stimulation. Minna Ola, fortunately, offers both types of orgasms, depending on the user’s mood. And in a hyper-realistic twist, you can actually control the vibrator by squeezing it, just like with a penis! (Naturally, this vibrator is on the pricier side, but can be paid for by giving up Starbucks for a month.)

Minna Ola, $114, Amazon

We-Vibe 4 Plus

I know the whole point of Buy Your Friend a Vibrator Day is to reject couple grossness, but don’t be turned off by this couple’s vibrator — it works even better as a solo tool. You can actually insert it in your body, too, so you can finally masturbate while running errands. (Joking, but not.) The thing comes with an app, which allows you to control vibrations and settings from an iPhone. Warning: There’s an overwhelming number of settings, and they all feel super good. Give this one to a friend you’ve betrayed, and she’ll forgive you forever, no matter what you did.

We-Vibe 4 Plus, $90, Amazon

Babeland Silver Bullet

For those on a tighter budget, shelling out money for a vibrator can seem like an unjustifiable expense. Fortunately, this tiny, minimalist vibrator does the job, and does it for only $15. The Silver Bullet is simple and completely unintimidating, which is why you should gift this vibrator to a first-timer friend who is afraid of devices with crazy shapes or overly complex features.

Babeland Silver Bullet, $15, Babeland