Things Women Don’t Know About Their Underwear

by Catie Keck

There are a lot of things we can thank BuzzFeed for teaching us (however silly!). And continuing its pursuit of unearthing all the things you never knew (but in most cases should), BuzzFeed brings us a new video titled “Things Women Don’t Know About Their Underwear.” This clip moves beyond your common knowledge undergarment factoids, like that two-thirds of women wear the wrong bra size, or that thongs may be kinda bad for your health. This video dishes up a fair amount of little-known (and bizarre!) information about your delicates.

Here’s a taste of what you might learn about your panties in less than two minutes: Do you know the most popular bra size among American women? (It’s probably not what you’d think.) Did you know that one of the most famous authors in literary history invented the modern bra clasp? Additionally! BuzzFeed makes a very strong case for going braless in its roundup of boob-centric trivia. (Hint: Mariella Frostrup should probably stop wearing her bra to bed.) Watch the video below, and then call all your girlfriends over to collectively burn your old and ill-fitted boob traps, because nobody has time for backache/headache/lifeache.

Image: javiindy /Fotolia