'Price Is Right' Announcer's Treadmill Fail Demonstrates Why Running Backwards Does Not Make You Look Cool — VIDEO

However bad your day may have been going up until now, here's something that might help you feel a little better about life: Your day probably wasn't as bad as this guy's. During Thursday's episode of The Price Is Right , announcer George Gray thought it would be a swell idea to run backwards on a moving treadmill while announcing a set of prizes to a contestant. I'm sure he thought he would look cool or something (even though he wouldn't have, regardless.) Instead of managing to pull it off, however, Gray failed in a very big way...by falling right off the treadmill, mid-backwards run, on national television.

Like I said: Your day > this guy's day.

Luckily, of course, Gray was OK, so it's totally OK to laugh at this unfortunate, televised mishap (which, to be fair, he totally deserved). After falling off the treadmill, Gray tried to play it cool and continue his announcement of the prizes — but luckily host Drew Carey was there to bring it up again and make sure no one ever forgot Gray's hilarious fail.

Anyway, if you missed it, a clip of it has already been posted on YouTube, because of course it has. Nothing ever goes away in the Internet age, after all!

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Image: YouTube