#MyLastWordsIn5Words Gets Silly About Death

Sometimes, Twitter unites us in ways we didn't even think imaginable, fostering a community that allows us to positively and creatively express ourselves. Like giving us a five-word prompt and letting us run with it, which admittedly sounds like I'm mocking, but seriously, that kind of open-ended provocation really can be awesomely powerful. A perfect example of this is #MyLastWordsIn5Words, which is fairly self-explanatory: Users describe the very last thing they would say right before they die, hypothetically speaking, obviously. As morbid as this initially sounds, it's actually one of the more hilarious Twitter hashtag trends in the history of Twitter hashtag trends. Aside from the occasional hyper-insensitive AirAsia or Charlie Hebdo reference (never not #toosoon, pals), some true gems have surfaced, and really made our day (and yes, I'm going to go ahead and speak for humanity, because why not?).

So, should you participate in the #MyLastWordsIn5Words Twitter party? Yes. Why? Because it's fun. Because you get to practice succinctly telling jokes. Because isn't it at least a little bit funny thinking about what you might say right before you die? Because it's kind of like Scrabble, but way better and saltier? If you need more prompting to get in on the fun, here are 12 of the best #MyLastWordsIn5Words tweets Twitter has to offer. Prepare to sob-laugh for eternity (or be nonplussed, you #PartyPooper).

Images: Getty; Bwad(2), Tyler Oakley, HuffPost Women, Sean O'Farrell, Professor Snape, Michael Mann, Ben Wells, Camryn,GUNNAROLLA, Bustle, julia/Twitter