Activist Staceyann Chin's Living Room Protests Show That Even a Toddler Understands that "No Means No"

In what is without a doubt my favorite video of 2015 thus far, a tiny three-year-old ball of empowerment named Zuri Chin demonstrates that the concept of consent is easily mastered, putting the majority of adults to shame. Zuri's mom is activist Staceyann Chin, whose Living Room Protests series started three weeks ago. What's so special about this video is that it's direct proof of what we've always suspected: teaching children to respect the space and autonomy of others might be the most vital ingredient in the (tragically elusive) recipe for creating sensitive, respectful, mindful human beings.

From their first Living Room Protest, which has the little one clutching her tiny fists, throwing her arms around chanting, "No justice, no peace," to the second, in which Zuri "calls out the justice of the racist police," every clip serves as a profound lesson in parenting. While most kids Zuri's age would be spending this time sprawled on the living room floor watching Baby Einstein, organic juice box in hand, Staceyann is teaching us a lesson in proactive, socially conscious parenting by actually taking the time and initiative to educate her own child, early on, about the issues she's sure to later face.

With every chant, statement and swing of the fist, she conditions Zuri to take a stand.

Staceyann Chin on YouTube

I'll just say it: I can't even.

Images: YouTube/Staceyann Chin (2)