100 Years of Beauty, Part Two Brings the Sass

A century is a long time, so being able to pack in 100 years of hair and beauty trends into one 60 second video was ambitious. Website 'Cut' created 100 Years of Beauty, part two, filled with even more beauty evolution, and if it's possible, I think this second video might even be better than the first

The new video, released on Thursday, is the follow up to last month's viral 100 Years of Beauty video, and was released in a side-by-side version to compare with the first set. Round two features 10 entirely new looks from 1910 to 2010, with a new model trying them on for size. The time lapse shows stylists recreating classic beauty looks on model Marshay Mitchell , and this batch of looks is decidedly more relaxed than the last. Though the stunning part one emanated elegance, delicate coifs, and polished glamour, we all know there's two sides to every story, and part two knows how to have fun. From a feathered flapper headpiece, to a giant magnolia flower hair pin, to a wild and free afro, and some pretty sweet chunky braids, we are shown the edgy, sassier side of beauty through the years. And the best part? 2010 isn't a narcissitic selfie snap — we've got some carefree locks, a smidge of chapstick, and a smile. So rest assured, our current decade might have a positive place in beauty history, after all.

Images: Youtube