Two Men Kiss in Axe Commercial, Making the Brand an Unlikely Gay Advocate

The advertising world’s abuzz this week with news of a racy new campaign from every teen jock's favorite grooming product, Axe. In a new ad premiered in Australia (where the brand carries the name “Lynx,” as Ad Week points out) for its haircare line, Axe’s commercial depicts two men kissing in a at least partial recognition that part of its consumer base may not conform to the same heteronormative practices as many of its ad’s protagonists. And while the rest of the video proceeds with its typical macho narratives, it certainly deserves a nod for its inclusion of queer consumers.

“Kiss the hottest girl,” says the body brand’s voiceover as it ticks off the ways its product will get you the all ladies, before adding its zinger: “Or the hottest boy!” And it’s star unexpectedly locks lips with another man in the frame. The only issue with the commercial is the slight-of-hand insertion of what feels like a quick pro-gay one-liner to sell its products, as the rest of the script reads like the typical boy-gets-girl narrative for which the brand has become infamous: “One day,” begins the ad, “your hair will thin. You’ll have a life, a wife, and possibly kids.” However as Ad Week points out, “they don't make a big deal of it. And it's not even mentioned in the press release.” So all in all, good job Axe! Keep up the inclusive advertising.

Watch the video below:


Image: LYNX Australia/YouTube