Travis Finlay Impressed the 'Idol' Judges & Has the Extra Tickets to Hollywood to Prove It

It seems like the American Idol judges are giving out golden tickets like candy this season. The lucky ticket holders are talented, sure, but not what I would deem Idol talented. Back in its prime, Idol took in only the top talent and produced mega-stars. It's no secret the show is struggling, but giving out tickets to any performer who can hit a note is not the answer to saving it. But thankfully there are still diamonds in the rough. One contestant who deserves his spot in Hollywood is 20-year-old Travis Finlay from Baldwin, NY. The judges believed he was so good that he was awarded with not one ticket but three. THREE TICKETS TO HOLLYWOOD. Hopefully this means there will be two less spots for the mediocre talent the judges keep sending through.

We'll get to his amazing performance in a second, but let's talk about his background story. Finlay confessed to the judges that he gave up his spot at Berklee College of Music at the last minute to avoid losing his family's home. Which is why we need shows like Idol. Without this show Finlay may never have been given a shot at the music industry because of money. No artist should be denied the chance to showcase their talent for any reason, and I'm glad shows like Idol exist to help those talented individuals get their break.

Back to the performance — Jennifer Lopez said it best. "You're a star, you shine." From his killer smile to his voice, Finlay does just that. I listened to his performance three times before actually beginning to write this article because I was so mesmerized by his performance that I forgot the reason I had rewound the show in the first place was to catch his name. He has the total package: the looks, the voice, and the determination to make his dream a reality. Sure, the aspiring music producer has plenty of room for improvement, but being on the show will give him the tools he needs to succeed. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that Finlay makes it to the Top 24, but I'm hoping our predictions are wrong and he continues on after Hollywood because he deserves to go far in this competition.

Travis Finlay on YouTube

Image: Fox (screen shot)