13 Feminist Valentine's Day Cards To Send Your Friends That Are Totally Leslie Knope-Approved

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and while every girl wants to be romanticized, sending sappy cliche Valentine's Day cards is not the way to do it. Instead, check out these freaking amazing feminist Valentine's Day cards. Send your favorite feminist an empowering message that really shows you love her. Whether you're spending Valentine's with your significant other or celebrating Galentine's with your friends, these sweet cards are sure to be a hit. Happy Fem-uary!

by Jennifer Valdez

Best Friends Over Boyfriends

Boyfriends come and go, but best friends are forever. Bows before bros!

Best Friends Over Boyfriends, $4, TheInvisibleKitten/Etsy

Smash Patriarchy

Sweep your fave feminist off her feet with this smashing expression of love.

Smash Patriarchy, $2.40, Redbubble

Queen Of Valentine

A lady never limits herself.

Queen of Valentine, $3.97, BottleCapGuru/Etsy

You Break, You Buy

A heart is priceless. This card will remind your significant other to treat it with special care.

You Break, You Buy, $2.30,

Trivial Interpretation

For the girl in love who hates sappy sentimental messages. Speak the truth!

Trivial Interpretation, $4.69, DonaldsDen/Etsy

Cupid's Arrow

Nothing is more romantic than a vintage and politically correct Valentine’s Day card!

Cupid’s Arrow, $3.50, Cafepress

Leslie Knope Slogan

Celebrate Galentine’s Day the Leslie Knope way — uteruses before duderuses!

Leslie Knope Slogan, $7.95,

True Love

Now that’s love!

True Love, $3.50, SiouxAlice

Think About It

For the brainy girl who knows her worth.

Think About It, $16.99 (pack of 10), Cafepress

The Amy to My Tina

Every day is Galentine’s Day with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

The Amy to my Tina, $5, PowerPopart/Etsy

If You Want To Be My Lover...

Nothing is more attractive than a man on board with feminist ideologies.

If You Want To Be My Lover, $2.40, Redbubble

My Body My Rules

Sex positivity on Valentine’s Day!

My Body My Rules, $5, pleasurepie/Etsy

Famous Feminists

Who wouldn’t want to be included in this group?

Famous Feminists, $7.95,