My Sisterwife's Closet's 5 Most Expensive Items Aren't Exactly The Most Appealing

After a really long, really hard road, it seems that the Sister Wives are finally finding success with My Sisterwife's Closet, their startup. Originally, newest wife Robyn had a dream of curating a collection of jewelry designed by her and her sister wives exclusively, but a meeting with a business savvy friend changed that all around. They added a ton of brand new products from other companies that fit the image of what they wanted to sell, started their own line of natural bath products, and lowered the ridiculously high prices on their existing merchandise. And so far, this seems to be the magic push they needed to get closer to the amount of sales they had been shooting for right from the start. But no matter how much they've lowered their prices, there are still a few things on My Sisterwife's Closet that are ridiculously expensive.

I can't speak to the quality of their jewelry, but I can speak to the design, and I am not a fan. It just so happens that the five most pricy items they're selling are all jewelry... and none of them look like anything anyone I know would buy. Sorry, Robyn, but it still looks like you've got your work cut out for you as far as designing goes.

Forever Friends – Strong Woman/Sisterwife Engraved Rings Sets, $219.99

By making jewelry like this that exclusively appeals to sister wives, the Browns are seriously limiting their potential customers. Even the items that just say SW are questionable — I don't think anyone's buying that it stands for strong woman.

Roots Of Life Textured Necklace, $161.29

Modeled after the Brown family's idea of a family tree of values, it's kind of... not cute. And to think this is the marked down price from $216! Who has ever paid $216 for this?

Roots of Life - Gun Metal Necklace, $161.29

Another tree, another necklace... apparently made of gun metal? Or, as the description calls it, sterling silver. Hmm. The Brown family is really into trees: Noted.

Eternally Together Earrings, $159.99

In case you feel like spending almost $200 on a Celtic knot-inspired pair of earrings, you should know there's also a matching pendant available.

Phoenix Necklace, $157.49

And finally, My Sisterwife's Closet brings you this artfully designed phoenix necklace... which is meant to "inspire us and remind us of our inner strength." Maybe I'm cheap, but I would prefer to buy inner strength for far less than $160.

Images: My Sisterwife's Closet (5)